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Man Tries to Blow Himself Up in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 1, 2013

Video from Reyno, which interestingly enough means ‘King’o, in Spanish…

One less useless chinese eater we have to deal with:

a chinese lost face because he was caught disrepecting airport rules, so some innocents needed to be killed for this shame!. no, not in a chinese kindergarten this time but in the beijing airport:

being chinese he think that ALL are to blame for his little dick and therefore have to die too! just because of leaflets…sicksickcountrychimpa

btw: lots of weibo users state that the chinese prick in the wheelchair wasn’t actually paralyzed. Isn’t that so chinese?

2 Responses to “Man Tries to Blow Himself Up in China”

  1. Reyno said

    Disgruntled Chinese Bus Driver Hits Pack Of Cyclists With Vehicle Because………………………………He Got A Speeding Fine!!!


    wtde: Reyno is a cigarette brand (menthol cigarettes)

    my favourite brand. hehe!
    King in spanish is “Rey”.

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