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The Truth About Chinese Women-Read…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 2, 2013

Check out this made in China, aka hell on earth, love story….

From here



Chinese women are only so because, in the initial stages, they want to trap you; later properly married they put the screws on you.

I am Max. I was teaching English in China. I was attracted by the advertisements calling to teach English in China, and for exotic locales and adventure. I got that alright. Now back home in the US I am completely pissed off and unhappy. I honestly wished to God I had not gone to China and tangled with Chinese women. They are the most cunning and manipulative in the world. I am now left with a whole hole in my life; and a great sense of having been used and abandoned.

Like Tom I initially thought I found heaven. Indeed, I fell head over heels with my Chinese wife, one of my students at English class. She was so sweet and nice. After marriage, things changed ever so slightly but surely. She became ever so unhappy with my job as English tutor. She said it was ‘a job with no future’. She said it was ‘a low class job’ with little pay and gave her no ‘face’. She egged me to go home to the US telling me how wonderful life would be there. Besotted with my ‘sweet’ wife, I became more and more uncomfortable in China when even her parents and relatives became ‘cooler’ towards me, just after a half year of marriage. I decided to go back to US with my wife, moving to San Francisco thinking she would be happy there, many Chinese.

Indeed in the first year back I thought I found heaven. My wife immediately started to get to know the local Chinese community and started working in the Chinese restaurant, starting as dishwasher and moving on to assistant cook, keeping long hours. Her earnings were not much; how much can you get from a Chinese restaurant? But she was happy and did not have much complaints. She insisted though to get her ‘green card’ as spouse of an American citizen; and I was proud of her to do so, thinking that this proved her commitment to me and my country. Little did I know.

My ‘sweet’ wife got her US citizenship and things changed from thereon, overnight and never looked back until she left me.

After she got her citizenship papers my wife asked me, demanded me to get her parents and relatives over, to sponsor them. I told her I cannot get her parents over as I was not earning enough; what are they going to live on? At this she laughed and said that ‘in China men took care of the family and wives hold on to what they earn’. She would not give what she earned, she laughed at my job and earnings saying that most Chinese think Americans are ‘well off’, ‘Now she really knows this is not true. I was the example.’ This really hurt me bad. She then nagged me to sponsor her brother and family over; he is a computer technician. To keep the family peace, hoping things will go back to the good old sweet days I agreed. I went through hell and high water to get them over. She, my wife, was ecstatic to see her brother and family. But things did not really change. She worked long hours, scarcely gave me time and mixed even more with her brother’s family.

Continue here- http://www.henrymakow.com/my_chinese_wife_set_a_trap.html#sthash.yKN5SBZu.dpuf

10 Responses to “The Truth About Chinese Women-Read…”

  1. Noodle soup said

    this insecure chinese female specimen shows a very very typical behaviour of chinese women and men. both behave exactly the same.
    inferiority complex. no developed brain. unable to solve conflicts other than with big their mouths and insults.

    are you ready for the famous “chinese pointing finger”? we all see it on a daily basis in the eastern hole (btw: chinese “men” do that “pointing-finger-thing” as well)

  2. Oops said

    When i said to my ex-chinese wife: ok, let’s talk about the differences we have, let’s talk about it. I will step back for you because i love you. she reacted like above.

    When i fucked her so well that she got 3 orgasms/night (she was a piece of stone in bed), she reacted like above. Saying that I scare her and that I am a “bad man” and a foreigner (we were married at that time……………………)

    When I said that i want to go back to my western country because i am worried about the pollution and the overall situation and environment in china, she reacted like above.

    When I said that I love her, she reacted like above.

    When I said that I will improve my chinese for her and buy a house for her, she spit on me and said: You foreigner think you are a king?

    When I said, that I don’t like it when she dresses like a prostitute when she goes to her office work (short skirt, short dress, high heels, tons of make-up and LV bag and iphone in her hands, her pussy hardly covered…), she reacted like above.

    When I knew that she fuck her chinese boss for money and face and foreigners in hotels for money (“it’s all for my company and success! It is normal in China!”), I said: “That’s it. You piece of shit. Get the hell outta my life”. She spitted on me, and reacted like above. Tried to kill me with a knife and demanded an apology. SHE demanded an apology. HAHAHAHA!

    I had prepared my suitcase weeks ago. I went to the door, took a taxi and flew back to civilization with the first plane I could catch.
    I am so happy now with a civilized human being, a super nice woman. A Japanese woman.

    This happened 10 years ago.

  3. Oops said

    you may ask: how could you do that?

    I tried the utmost for 7 years. You could have called me the super-husband and superman and angel of the world. But if you always get spits in your face whenever you try to be human and loving..well…at some point it is enough. even for the most loving man.

    A primitive monkey who only thinks on eating, shitting, soul less and cold fucking, face, cash and dying cannot be turned into a human being. And I didn’t want to invest 7 useless years more of my life for that chinese whore. Thanks.

    • Z said

      You are pig!

      You filth lie!

      Hahaha, you say Chinese woman trick you?

      Maybe you go back Amerikkka and you find real ‘woman’, isn’t it? Ha, fat American woman with big legs and smell like wine.

      Chinese woman too good for you. You say wife have sex with boss, well Chinese woman do not do this you dog!

      Funny that you wife cheated on you. Maybe boss has bigger dick, isn’t it? You dirty foreign beast. We know you all are filthy and have the AIDS. Maybe you should go home and wash dishes you carpet bagger!


      If China so bad then why you to China?


      No job back home you are dirty dishwasher. I hate you and all you do.

      Leave China you degenerates!

  4. Reyno said

    do you think that we enjoy posting this stuff?

    we post this stuff because we know what we are talking about. you think that these are just isolated cases and it can never happen to you? haha. no, they are the norm in china and chinese “women” are like that.

    Narcissistic Types Among Chinese Women

    Pathological Narcissism and Grandiose Self Defenses

    It is certainly true, in a very broad philosophical sense, that human beings have more in common than not regardless of place of birth. “People are people” so to speak.

    However, it is also true that cultural norms do influence upbringing practices and one’s childhood experiences most certainly affect personality development. The early childhood experiences of a female child born in southeast Asia (assuming she was fortunate enough not to have been selectively aborted as a fetus, or sold, drowned, or starved to death shortly after birth), on the average, will very likely be significantly different than those born in England or America for example—although, of course, not in every case.

    In addition, some people are just constitutionally stronger and emotionally healthier than others and have the remarkable ability to rise above whatever adverse circumstances life has thrown at them. Others—who at least on the surface appear to have been given every golden opportunity life has to offer—just can’t manage to get their lives together no matter what.

    While it needs to be stressed that not all Chinese women suffer from disorders of the self, the single-child policy combined with pervasive traditional Confucian values and beliefs in regard to the superiority of males has created a culturally-specific and unique vulnerability to the development of pathological narcissism in many of China’s female population.

    The following list outlines conditions that, if present, would significantly increase the likelihood of the formation of a narcissistic personality disorder and further distinguishes between closet (lower-level) and exhibitionist (higher-level) narcissism.

    The female child is a grave disappointment at birth, especially to her father. Whether spoken or not, this leads to either an estranged relationship (most common scenario) or one that is, at best, highly ambivalent.
    As an only child, the daughter is nevertheless pampered and spoiled, especially by her mother and grandparents. If the father is conscious of his disappointment, resentment and subsequent guilt, he too may also overindulge his daughter in an attempt at psychological undoing.

    This combination of factors leads to a child who feels both constitutionally damaged (i.e., inadequate, inferior at birth) and, at the same time, entitled to special treatment and compensation from the world. One of two types of pathological narcissism will emerge depending on the girl’s cognitive and physical attributes:

    If the girl is very gifted academically and considered physically attractive, she will become a phallic or exhibitionistic narcissistic.
    If the girl is only an average student (or worse) and considered to be no better than average-looking, she will become a closet narcissist.
    Where there is a discrepancy between academic ability and physical appearance, or in the case of girls born in rural regions or to poor families, the latter will typically prevail in determining narcissist type.

    Where the girls were fortunate enough to have escaped developmental arrest and a disorder of the self, many will nevertheless exhibit at least some of the traits listed below. Prognosis and recovery are quite favorable for this group of women, especially with treatment.

    The following table summarizes the main characteristics of exhibitionistic and closet narcissists….[…]

    read the rest here:


    which type is your chinese gf or so called chinese “wife”? one of them for sure.
    if you don’t know it yet, you will discover it soon enough. mark my words.

    • Z said

      You dirty monkey man. Maybe if you look like real human with smoothe skin you find a good woman. No , of course not because Chinese do not date other species!


      Truth is that Chinese men are more romantic so Chinese women hate foreign devils. If China woman look at foreigner it is to truck him. But of all China women , maybe a few thousand date foreign men. You all so stupid and share same women. Good women in China have virtues. Would not ever be with hairy ape foeriner who stink like horse hair.

      Wash under you arms you monkey boy.

      • Fanta said

        no you are very wrong. most people who post in here have lived in china for a toooooo long time. your chinese show doesn’t work here and the world. cuz we know what you are now. the people know china. romantic? cumming in a poor rural ktv-girl’s vagina is romantic? she is a human being, not a yellow sperm toilet. do you realize that?

        a chinese “wife” who sleeps with the company boss and customers is romantic? yes, it is normal in your “country”. this is a fact and we have seen it countless of times. so, we write it down. because we speak the truth. only the hard naked truth can change people. not lies. not china. not your criminal organization ccp.

        do you even know the signification of the word “romantic”? no, you don’t. you use words from the civilized world when you don’t even know what they mean. typical chinese.

        we have all seen it. and guess what? chinese women prefer white men. why? i don’t know. i leave it to you. we can see that you are a real chinese “man”. are you a rabbit? women don’t like 1-minute-rabbit sex or “hammer sex” for 5 hours. she is a person not a hole. just FYI, mr. 60 seconds.

        to stay on topic: chinese women, high-heels or not, ipad or not, rural or not, are all the same. no female bodies, no understanding for life, no understanding what a relationship and marriage means, no understanding for understanding and humanity.

        but what can you expect? you people marry for money, face, face, face, face, face or even hate or revenge. love? what is that in china? alien. a chinese woman is a prostitute by design. just like chinese “men”. whoever marries a chinese woman, will get what he deserves. chinese men are no men. this is just a real side note. truth hurts but it also helps you to better yourself. since you are a chinese you don’t understand what i am saying and you will continue your great way until you fall off of the cliff

        you chinese are not humans. we don’t blame you. they never teached you to be a human being. read this blog and perhaps you can grasp the idea at some point of how to be a human being and not an chinanimal.

        the world shows you a growing sign with these words on it:

        no dogs and chinese allowed.

        don’t you think, that there must be something wrong with you? still not? do you think that we write stuff like this just for fun? again you are a chinese. you probably are not able to read my whole post. cum more into that poor little girl in the ktv. and eat. then sleep. then write some more in here. and leave your dump in your chinese squat toilet. or street, or airport, or restaurant…do as you please. you are chinese.

  5. Reyno said

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