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China’s Anti-Graft Campaign, Bo Xilai Ally Purge

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 4, 2013

Comrade Xi Jinping, the head communist and leader of China has undertaken an anti-graft purge. This means he supposedly is singling out corrupt officials and getting rid of them.

As part of his master plan, he is going after both tigers and flies, or the big and small. This is shown by the fact that eight big commies have fallen. Interestingly enough, all are buddies of Bo Xilai. As shown in the excerpt below, comrade Xi is more concerned with getting rid of this guys who tried to overthrow him, than to rid China of the corruption plague.

For instance, if comrade Xi wanted to get rid of corruption, then why has he forbidden us to obtain real estate ownership information? The answer is, that the communists are too dirty, have made too much money illegally and cannot tell us the truth. If we all knew how comrade Xi’s family came to own a high percentage of China’s rare earth exports, we’d shit a collective brick. In order to avoid this, comrade Xi merely prevents us from doing so.

The reality is that commie comrades are as dirty as Bo and all should be investigated….


Notorious internet rumor-mongers such as Qin Huohuo may have been secretly backed by former Chinese political heavyweight Zhou Yongkang, whose downfall appears to be imminent as anti-graft authorities continue to close in, according to a report from Duowei News, an outlet run by overseas Chinese.

Beijing’s ongoing anti-graft campaign has coincided with a crackdown on internet activists, with a slew of recent arrests of alleged rumor-mongers and online celebrities. Last month, authorities apprehended Qin Huohuo, the microblogger who fabricated more than 3,000 rumors in two years in a bid for attention, as well as investor and social commentator Xue Manzi, who was arrested on prostitution charges. Hu Xijin, the chief editor of China’s nationalistic Global Times tabloid, wrote on his own microblog page that he would not rule out the possibility that Xue’s arrest was a trumped-up charge from authorities looking to get back at him for blowing the whistle on embarrassing cases in the past.

From wantchinatimes.com

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