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Coming Soon to a Dinner Plate Near You, Chinese Cancer Fish

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 4, 2013

‘China’ and ‘logic’ are as words that should never be used together. To the Chinese, opening the window on a polluted Beijing day is a smart way to let in the fresh air. Likewise, to the Chinese, it is a waste to let food go uneaten. This being the case, we can be sure that the Chinese will soon be mixing the poisoned fish into their next batch of made in China fish exports to the USA.

Think about it like this, if the Chinese will poison their own kid’s milk to make a buck, then why wouldn’t they do the same to us?



Authorities have scooped up around 100,000 kilograms (220,000 pounds) of dead fish they say were poisoned by ammonia from a chemical plant, environmental officials and state media said Wednesday, in a reminder of the pollution plaguing the country.

The Hubei province environmental protection department, notified of the piles of dead fish in central China’s Fuhe River on Monday, pointed the finger at local company Hubei Shuanghuan Science and Technology Stock Co. Officials said sampling of its drain outlet showed that ammonia density far exceeded the national standard. The company said it wasn’t going to immediately comment.

Inadequate controls on industry and lax enforcement of existing standards have worsened China’s pollution problem, stemming from three decades of breakneck economic growth. High-profile incidents this year involving dead animals in rivers – not only deaths attributed to pollution but also carcasses dumped by farmers after die-offs at farms – have added to public disgust and suspicions about the safety of drinking water.

The latest incident has affected the nearby fishing village of Huanghualao, where 1,600 residents make a living from fishing, said the village’s Communist Party secretary, Wang Sanqing.

“The dead fish covered the entire river and looked like snowflakes,” he said, adding that the village has 150 fishing boats and could lose up to 70,000 yuan ($11,400) per day.



One Response to “Coming Soon to a Dinner Plate Near You, Chinese Cancer Fish”

  1. Reyno said

    A great report from 2011:


    It is also worth to mention that China imports gigantic amounts of fresh water from other countries such as Russia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and others. Officially, however, the Chinese government continues to advocate self-sufficiency in food because it regards reliance on international food import as a threat to domestic security. Is anyone else laughing?…… I just flew over a few articles….a post about China’s crumbling food industry and looming agricultural holocaust would be worth a read.

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