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What Can China Give The World

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2013

In his book ‘ Why China Will Never Rule the World’, Troy Parfitt asks many Chinese what China can give the world. He says that most countries have somme good that can be exported to other nations. None of the Chinese could answer this question.

So, I too began to ask Chinese and others what that country has to offer the world and no one can give me an answer. The best so far was , greed, ignorance, racism and intolerance.

I ask you, “what value does China have that it can give the world?”

5 Responses to “What Can China Give The World”

  1. Me Ruv you rong time said

    Poison milk

  2. Observer said

    They can teach us how to hate and exterminate fifteen percent of our race, just like Mao did?

  3. Been in China said

    The only thing China can teach is how to hate.

  4. Reyno said

    Potty train: Toddler defecates on Nanjing subway

    Girl Handcuffed for Spilling Drink in China

    International Systematic Discrimination Against Chinese Tourists: Must Have Something in Common…

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