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China Invades Philippines

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 6, 2013

China’s active aggression the the south Philippines Sea is going to create more enemies to the motherland. Most recently, they have invaded Philippine territory.

I would bet that soon one of those countries is going to kick China in the nutz, humiliating them.


The Philippines said this week that China planned to occupy the Scarborough Shoal before regional rules on maritime behavior took effect, and had been laying concrete blocks there.

Oh yeah here is a pic of Chinese diapers , aka, a slit in a baby’s pants so he can freely shit in the street.

4 Responses to “China Invades Philippines”

  1. Sprite said

    Can you see the absurdity of china’s claim?:

  2. Sprite said

  3. Been in China said

    Can u see the insanity of China? The r nutz

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