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Chinese Corruption Explained

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 6, 2013

Great post from China e-Lobby…

Cadres seem determined to disprove my second rule on corruption: As a reminder, here are my Three Rules for Interpreting Corruption Charges in Communist China: 1) The charges are politically driven by factionalism; 2) Despite that, they’re probably true; and 3) The cadres pushing the prosecution have done (or are doing) far worse than anything the defendant did. Well, Lü Zijiang is insisting Rule 2 has a problem, claiming he was tortured (Epoch Times). Then there was Yu Qiyi, who was “held down by graft investigators in a tub full of ‘icy water’ several times after his questioning failed to produce satisfactory answers” (Taipei Times). That was enough to kill him.

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