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5 Myths About China and the Environment

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 7, 2013

China’s rise has coincided with a demolition of worldwide human rights, product quality, push for democratization and environment. The communists in Beijing prop up and defend the world’s biggest despots and continually block UN efforts issued to curb them. In China you see people from places like Sudan, North Korea and Uzbekistan. It is no wonder that China is one of the few countries which has eschewed democracy over the past fifty years. I guess when you can steal and kill with impunity, there is no reason to change. After all, the chicoms are cash rich from land grabs and such.

Aside from stealing baby boys and cash, the Chinese have managed to rape the land. And before you start to whine,’but England was polluted in 1860.” Or ‘the great lakes were toxic in the ’70’s’. Just hold your tongue, or better yet go lick a stainless steel shelf in your fridge. The reason that I say this is so I don’t have to reply to your idiocy about how we know more now than we did then. And the Chinese know nearly as much as we do. And even if they do not, then you have to admit that they are not so stupid that they do not realize that edible air colored Obama brown cannot be good for you.

Its like this, the Chinese know they are killing their land but do not care. They are worried about making a buck and screw the rest; trust me I have asked quite a few. Thus, any attempt at justifying their actions falls short, sounds disingenuous and or foolish.

As a matter of fact, by saying that China can pollute just as we did fifty years ago is like saying that they should be able to own slaves just as we did. After all, it helped the Us to become a power, so why can’t the Chinese do it? In following with that logic, why not let the Chinese rape women legally, after all, Liberia did not outlaw this until a few years ago. If the Liberian women do not have a right to their personal safety, then why should Chinese?

The truth is that if China were held to 21st standards, their growth would be reversed. Here is an excerpt of how badly China is fouling the ecology.


Myth 2. Desertification Isn’t a Problem in China

“Some 400 million Chinese people’s livelihoods are affected by desertification, which takes up 27.46 percent of the total land area,” reported China Daily.

The statistics surrounding China’s battle with desertification are both surprising and shocking. As a result of a combination of poor farming practices, drought, and increased demand for groundwater, desertification has become arguably China’s most important environmental challenge.

Farmers are being forced to abandon their land as land becomes unusable. In affected areas, levels of rural poverty rise and the intensity of sandstorms, which batter northern and western China each year, continue to intensify.

This not a new issue for China, although it is generally not well known around the world. It is estimated that nearly 40 cities have been abandoned as a result of desertification in Northwest China in the past 2,000 years.

To read the rest go here


Chinese sunshine

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