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Deng Xiao Ping, Just Another Communist Murderer

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 7, 2013

Deng Xiao Ping is revered for the opening of China. What is glossed over, however, is how dirty both he and his family were/are. Just like all good communists, his grandchild moved to the USA to suckle the pap of freedom while grandpa Deng ordered the massacre at Tiananman in 1989. Aside from the, dirty Deng had overseen other acts of extreme violence, after all how does one become a Chinese leader without slaughtering the innocent.

The following outlines some of Dirty Deng’s communist achievements while he was climbing the ladder to communist fame. The snippet is talking about the period after Murderous Mao and his ignorant lackeys took control of the big stinky.


A parallel terror was waged against those deemed to be counter-revolutionaries, Nationalists or foreign spies, some as young as eight, with new victims trucked daily to execution sites. Throughout these orgies of violence, Mao and other leaders coolly laid down quotas—up to four deaths for every thousand Chinese was considered appropriate. In the three provinces under the jurisdiction of Deng Xiaoping, known today for having been open-minded, 150,000 had been executed by November 1951. The total number of deaths will never be known. But in late 1952 Bo Yibo (father of Bo Xilai, whose recent trial has caused a sensation) said, approvingly, that 2m had been executed.


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