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An American in China

China Dream and Other Lies

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 9, 2013

China knocks off just about everything. They have created ‘Rorex’ ‘Aphone’ and so many others. Now they have knocked off the American dream, calling what all Chinese should aspire to, ‘the Chinese dream’.

No one is sure what the Chinese dream is, but it better not include frivolities such as ‘freedom of expression’ nor religion, freedom to have as many children as one wants, nor to express one’s dissatisfaction in any shape or form. In addition, this ‘dream’ cannot include transparency of any sort, especially in regards to communist officials, their property, family and financial affairs.

In sum, the Chinese dream is to steal enough money to get out of China with one’s concubines, spouse and one-child dud, and live with civilized humans in ABC- Anywhere But China.

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