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Civility and China and Mutually Exclusive Terms

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 9, 2013

Te Chinese have invented many things, death by 1000 cuts and killing baby girls comes to mind. Aside from these ‘gifts’ to society, they are actively eroding any semblance of human-ness that the world is striving for. The excerpt below touches upon many such issues. One of the mist astounding things about people from China is how much they suck, I mean how little regard they have for humanity. They flout rules and teat society’s most innocent with disdain. I have seen pregnant women knocked to the floor of the subway by Chinese ‘men’. Aside from this, the Chinese have killed hundreds of millions of babies, mostly girls,

The good thing is that this is the breed of Chinese that you see on the streets today and wish to emigrate to your town.


A tour group from Zhejiang province refused to hand over 30 sets of stainless steel cutlery on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight, according to the Qianjiang Evening News.

Following the in-flight meal, all 30 members of the group — which was touring Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore — promptly put the stainless steel knives and forks provided in their hand luggage, figuring “Hey, free gift!”

After flight attendants tried to retrieve the cutlery the tourists refused to hand them over, arguing that they’d heard from people who had flown SIA in the past that it was okay to keep the posh tableware.

It was only when the group’s tour guide told them they were “hurting the reputation of the Chinese people” that the wannabe cutlery thieves gave in and the matter was resolved.

The tourists also reportedly created a scene at the boarding gate when, due to the airline not issuing seat numbers, they attempted to “queue” using their luggage to ensure they were among the first people to board the plane.

When airport staff attempted to board elderly passengers and those with small children first — as is common practice — the tourists reportedly caused chaos, refusing to risk losing their seats to some lazy pregnant woman who hadn’t even bothered to use her bag to “reserve” her seat.


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