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Oh Shit! Chinese Grandparents Let Baby Defecate on Subway in Nanjing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 9, 2013

Cost of a plane ticket to China, $1200, doctors bill to make sure you have not been poisoned after returning home, $450, pic of Chinese grandparents letting their one dud burden shit on the subway in Nanjing, priceless….


The grandparents of a two-year-old child allowed him to defecate on a subway train in Nanjing in eastern China’s Jiangsu province on Wednesday, according to the local Modern Express. Fellow passengers appeared to feign indifference, though photos of the incident have since gone viral on the internet.

An internet user going by the name Ku Bi Wa NJU posted the photos online, showing an elderly woman holding her grandchild as he defecated on the floor of a subway train.

The netizen, who was sat opposite the woman at the time, said that before the incident the child had cried and yelled for some time. He said the grandparents did not ask anyone for help or give any warning of what was to proceed, nor did the passengers do anything to stop them. After the boy was finished, the grandfather used tissues to clean his grandson and attempted to clean the stool from the floor. The netizen said he left the train as soon as it pulled in to the next stop.

Over 2,000 netizens reposted the photos and more than 500 people have left comments. Some said the grandparents should have first laid a piece of newspaper or a plastic bag on the floor, while a young mother said people should not be too harsh on the grandparents as her own child did something very similar, urinating while on a bus before she could get off and find a toilet. Others criticized the elderly couple for violating public hygiene.



10 Responses to “Oh Shit! Chinese Grandparents Let Baby Defecate on Subway in Nanjing”

  1. In China said

    Cina has invented public acts of disgusting behavior.

  2. Sprite said

    This is NOT an isolated case. It is de facto totally common all over China. You see it everywhere in China and on a DAILY basis. In restaurants, hospitals, parks, playgrounds for kids, elevators, streets, supermarkets etc. Young and old, women and men do it. Not to mention spitting, that they even do while eating (well it’s more a mix between slurping and spitting unchewable food rests directly on the table for everyone to see; it’s not a civilized way to eat actually; rich chinese scumbags do it as well as chinese politicians and most of the so called chinese “elite”) with others on the table.

    The chinese are not the only ones, but the worst of all I have ever encountered. The indians are similar in their eating habits (generally speaking!) but the Indians at least do not try to impose on us their “fine art of dining” and selling it as “high culture” like the chinese constantly do.

    Hence, I accept a slurping Indian on a table with whom I can have a great conversation about IT topics and international politics and chinese aggression at the indian-chinese border, rather than a slurping chinese who keeps saying how “great” chinese “culture” is and how much money he stole from person X and how many concubines he has etc. etc. while cleaning his nose with his pointing finger at the table.

    However, it was much much worse in the past (like 20+ years ago) in China. What we see here now is a “progress” in chinese society compared to 1980 for example. It’s incredible, but what you see now is actually an “improvement” in civil behaviour in China. They still have a long way to go. I really hate it when they smoke and spit in hospitals beside newborn and sick people.

    The shocker was a pretty chinese girl (well..let’s say “pretty with chinese characteristics” aka Chinese airport-runway-chest…..) in Shanghai who took a dump under a tree at Nanjing Lu at 3 a.m. She looked like a chicken on the roost with her typical slutty chinese high-heels. I looked the other way, thinking: Am I dreaming right now? Where am I? I felt like being a part of a surreal painting made in Shanghai.

    She wasn’t THAT drunk. Wasn’t she? Anyways, she ruined my night and I went to bed alone that night 😉 even so she assured me that she cleaned her ass with a tissue. Excuse me? I wanted to smack that disgusting animal. I decided to leave the scene and she got angry, saying that I am a stupid foreigner…the same irrational, sick crap as usual in China. Oh damn, i do not have the slightest understanding for 5000 years old chinese culture! She did nothing wrong! I did, by leaving deeply disgusted! I am a barbaric, primitive laowai and should apologize for my actions!

    Thanks to God i catched a taxi quite fast that night and…bye bye.

  3. laowai_in_china said

    oh well….i have lived in chengdu for quite a while…well..that pic is very well known to me. it belongs to china like lazi to rotten dishes and chinese smiles to lies. the best ever chinese thing i have seen is just like above..BUT now imagine the chinese monster granny eating a baozi AND feeding the little brat with a sugar-water bottle (lol, yes sugar-water—-NOT milk…lol) AND holding the kid WHILE he (the baby) is shitting on a public bus! AND SHE DID ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! LOL. I wish i would have shot a photo of that..it would be price less!

    Only in China.

  4. Fanta said

    Baby theft in China: Parents devastated by an obstetrician’s arrest

    Chinese police say Dr. Zhang Shuxia convinced families that their babies were dead, dying or afflicted with ailments, then sold the infants to child traffickers.


    China grapples with rash of fake officials

    BEIJING — He had the swagger and the trappings of a senior party cadre, and a natural authority that made him hard to contradict. The walls of his office in the heart of the Chinese capital were adorned with photographs of him next to retired generals and government officials. He drove a top-of-the-range Audi and a Mercedes-Benz, and, in his 50s, had an 18-year-old mistress.

    But Li Guangnian was not quite as he seemed. In a country that has perfected the art of imitation, from fake iPhones to a life-size replica of London’s Tower Bridge, from a faux Manhattan financial district to a museum filled with fake exhibits, Li was just another copy: a fake official with a fake organization peddling a false promise — of credibility and contacts, according to people who worked with and encountered him.


    Are Chinese netizens happy about Tokyo Olympics win?

    #Tokyo Olympics win# is now a trending topic on Weibo. One of the top comments by netizen 梁东根 shared a similar sentiment: “The last thing I want to see is Japan winning the bid to host the Olympics, but it happened….Now what we need to focus on is how to make Chinese athletes stronger so that China’s national anthem can peal over the island country.”

  5. Fanta said


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