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Comment on Not Allowing Chinese to Scuba Dive

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 10, 2013

Great comment here on an article about how companies are ‘discriminated against’. The reality is that Chinese act irresponsibly and refuse to take ownership for their deeds. The result is that companies treat them like they should be treated- like ignorant children. The funny thing is that no one can treat Chinese consumers as poorly as they are teated by fellow Chinese.

My fav sentence from the comment is ‘Anybody who has been here more than a few days knows that when Chinese tell you they can do something, it’s a sure sign that they can’t and they’ll find a way to completely fuck it up. ‘

The excerpt below is from an article showing instances of how Chinese are discriminated against and not treated like real humans when they go on vacation. The comment is about how Chinese who go scuba diving think they should be treated much better than they are. The reality is that they are treated as they should be for their skill level.


Re: Chinese scuba diving….While I have not documented evidence, I do have a theory based on a lifetime of scuba diving … I hold NAUI Divemaster status which is not an instructor but qualifies me to supervise groups of 8 or less but I have taught quite a few people over the years, including my own daughter and I have been in China more than 10 years. I am certain that dive facility has had plenty of bad experience with Chinese over the years which compelled them to put that policy in place. And they are being quite responsible, putting themselves at risk of losing alot of business from Chinese. It’s a pity more people and businesses don’t behave this way and only see dollar signs. I would bet alot of Chinese don’t go home in a box because of it. Remember that this is “Resort-diving” where most of the participants have never even been in the sea.

Anybody who has been here more than a few days knows that when Chinese tell you they can do something, it’s a sure sign that they can’t and they’ll find a way to completely fuck it up. Just because they stood in the Wuhan Municipal Sports Complex pool with 10,000 other Chinese trying to beat the heat does not qualify them for diving. While equipment has made scuba diving safer it can still be dangerous. One of the greatest surfers and watermen of all time, Jay Moriarity, who was one of the first to surf Mavericks monster waves and whose life story was chronicled in the movie “Chasing Mavericks”. This guy had 2 Hoppity-Hop sized balls of steel and completely comfortable in cold, rough, typhoon-condition seas. He died in a free-diving accident IN THE MALDIVES in shallow water. I was almost drowned by a girl from Harbin who never saw the ocean before, wanted to go snorkeling and freaked and was convinced that I was an island that she could climb on for safety.
3 meters is what? About 10 feet. While Chinese might feel indignant that they’ve been confined to the kiddy-pool….10 feet underwater is where there is plenty of sunlight and that’s where the most sea life can be seen. I would love to go diving 3 meters deep in the Maldives. I’m also guessing Chinese have a bad habit of treating the coral badly and breaking off pieces for keepsakes.

Maybe I’m generalizing, but Japanese have a sea culture, alot of surfers and scuba diving is a popular recreational sport there. Some of the best scuba equipment is developed and made there. They probably have a consistent history of showing up at dive destinations prepared (probably even having their own gear) and show a level of competence and comfort in the water that most Chinese fail to demonstrate but get snippy when you tell them they’re not really qualified to do what “Japanese dogs” can do. I’m certain that competent divers from China are welcome to participate in any level of diving and if they are card-holding certified divers they already know the risk.”

4 Responses to “Comment on Not Allowing Chinese to Scuba Dive”

  1. Reyno said

    Another sooo true comment from that site:

    Jest or no jest, when Chinese go abroad they have to learn to abide by rules other than those of the Heavenly Party. The party that banned politeness, etiquette, and manners. I can just imagine the scene of hundreds of Chinese tourists exiting the Taiwan parliament yelling on their cell phones, spitting, and littering as the go down the front steps showing zero respect for the country they are interloping in. As for the French resort, the same is possibly true. Mainland Chinese men pissing on the floors of the bathrooms, mainland Chinese kids shitting on the carpet or pissing in the plants, mainlanders chewing with their mouths open, picking their noses, and yelling on their phones. Can’t be good for business… Living 200 or 2000 years in the past can’t be good for mainland Chinese pride/face.

    You reap what you soe. Anyone who has had the grave misfortune of finding themselves in a foreign country sharing a space with mainland tourists can attest to the uncivilized behavior of Chinese. My own experiences have been in Japan and Korea. In Japan it has always been Chinese yelling at each other, spitting, or yelling on their phones in places they are not supposed to be. On the Tokyo subway for example, a Chinese woman was yelling on her damn phone sitting in the seats designated for old people where cellphones must be switched off, or the two Chinese tourists watching Japanese jet fighters preforming maneuvers from the balcony of a pagoda yelling about how China owns the Senkaku Islands. Stuff like that. In Korea it was seeing a Chinese tour guide yelling into her bullhorn about how Korea really belongs to China at a palace in Seoul and then hearing some yell “Ni kan. Laowa!” at my back and turning around to see some middle aged Chinese pig farmer with his shirt rolled up to his nipples pointing at me. People like that shouldn’t be allowed through the gate.

    So, in my opinion, they deserve every bit of bad press/discrimination they get. I am against blanket discrimination as I do know many civilized Chinese mainlanders and it isn’t fair to them to be forced to use the side entrance or banned from a resort, but I feel they also bear some responsibility for not telling their compatriots that they are acting like a bunch of hillbillies. So Chinese netziens, if you ever do find yourself with a Chinese tour group and some idiot is rolling up his shirt and yelling at the white people in a foreign country kindly tell them to shut the fuck up and stop losing your country’s face.

    I have a story of my own concerning tourist from china:

    there was a tourist group from china visiting Granada’s Royal Chapel (South Spain) in 2011. This Chapel was build in 1505 or so and it has a mausoleum where the remains of Isabella I and Ferdinand II are housed (the so called “Catholic Monarchs”). It is one of Spains many historic sites . Well, I was at that plaza drinking a coffee with my cousins when we noted police officers and a yelling, almost hysterical chinese tourist group near the Chapel. It turned out that some of them broke little pieces of stone from the Chapel with hammers. For souvenirs they said.

    There were quite a lot of people watching the scene. The Spaniards were angry and quite emotional, was good that policestodd between them…The chinese said that some parts are broken anyways so they thought that braking a few more pieces is totally Ok since they said: It is ment for souvenirs for all to take….they said that they would have paid for it (LOL) but no seller was to be found…so it is not their fault. LOL..not once they admitted of having done anything wrong….by hammering out pieces of stone from a historic building hence damaging it. incredible chinese “logic”

    The tour guide (chinese) was near a heart attack. 4 or I think 5 of them were then arrested and taken to the police station and before being taken away they shouted laowai and zhongguoren and some chinese insults and laowai lol. . I don’t know what happened then, they were probably fined and then release I guess. I hope they were put them in Jail for a week and gang raped

  2. Patriot said

    Chinese have invaded the US. They are all iver, like maggots on fiod. Cannot speak English, spit in the streets and make a fuss. When I see one, i usually bump into them kinda hard. They are never man enogh to say anything to me.

  3. Noodle soup said

    i was called a stupid laowai in my own country by chinese tourists. all i did, is to tell them that it is NOT OK to drink the holy water in a christian church and let their kid piss on the front gate of the church.

    sorry, the chinese mind is so ridiculous and pathetic that we should just nuke and burn them alive with napalm and extinguish the fire with kerosine.

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