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Tolerance in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 11, 2013

Chinese are long on the isolation gene and short on just about everything else.

The pic below is from a blogger and his point if view on this cabbie and his preference on passengers.

“I’m genetically obliged to post this
November 21, 2009
By alan

Just so you don’t think that I’m being plainly racist here, my British heritage makes me genetically obliged to post this. It’s something I can’t avoid, I was culturally committed from the moment I saw it. Here’s a Chinese taxi driver with a no holds barred approach to his work:”

Read the rest, his post is funny..




4 Responses to “Tolerance in China”

  1. metabo pompy ogrodowe

    Tolerance in China « Understanding China, One Blog at a Time

  2. Fanta said

    RCMP restrain Chinese reporter after tussle at Harper event

    A Chinese reporter was hauled away by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s RCMP security detail Friday after he grabbed a microphone and tried to ask Harper a question during a news conference at a mine in northern Quebec.


    ‘You Must Confess’: China’s Red Campaign Against Multinationals

    Beijing’s Maoist revival, roiling Chinese society and politics, is now beginning to poison China’s business environment as well.

    On Wednesday, Reuters reported that in late July the powerful National Development and Reform Commission brought together representatives from about 30 foreign companies—including GE, Microsoft MSFT +0.19%, IBM IBM +0.77%, Intel INTC +2.6%, and Qualcomm QCOM -0.17%—and tried to force them to write confessions of violations of China’s anti-monopoly law. Chinese officials then, incredibly, showed the multinationals the “self-criticisms” of other companies as a means of pressuring them to follow suit.


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