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Public Urination, Thy Name is China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 12, 2013

The following excerpt pretty much sums up China.



Mother and peeing child
Chinese have a reputation for having bad manners: spitting in streets, making loud slurping noises when they eat, walking around in public without a shirt; cutting in line; urinating in public; jostling aggressively. This wasn’t always the case. In imperial times the Mandarin class in particular was known for its refined tastes and manners. Confucianism taught people to treat others with courtesy and respect.

Chinese tourists traveling outside of China have been warned not to embarrass China with uncouth behavior such as walking around in hotel lobbies in pajamas, tossing chicken bones on the floor of restaurants and talking loudly. Chinese state-supported travel agencies warn their customers that “spitting, slurping foods and jumping queues merely disgust people at home. But is intolerable in other countries.” Chinese tourists are also coached not to roll up their trouser legs and strip off their shirts to keep cool.

Overseas Chinese are among those who find mainland behavior to be the most uncouth. A Hong Kong newspaper ran a picture of a mainland mother helping her child pee on a wall at Hong Kong Disneyland and reported that many benches at the theme park were unusable because middle-aged Chinese men were sleeping on them. A Hong-Kong-born, London-based Chinese wrote a guidebook in which advised Chinese “Don’t ask foreign women how old they are” and “Don’t clean your ears in public.” Some mainlanders find mainlanders to be intolerably uncouth. In the essay the The Ugly Chinese writer and social critic Bo Yang criticized his countrymen for being too loud and too crass.”

China’s addition to Disneyland, public pissing.

For more go here

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