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Cadmium Infested Chinese Emigrate to Civilization

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2013

China’s land is so toxic that Chinese immigrating to the USA are actually infested with Cadmium and other toxic substances.


Journal of the report titled ‘New York immigrants from mainland China’s health.’ Report first noted that the Chinese mainland population of new immigrants has become the largest ethnic group in New York.

This report will be the health of immigrants from mainland China and other Asian immigrant to do a comparison, the relevant conclusions. reports, statistics showed that …,immigrants from mainland China’s heavy metal content in the blood significantly more than either control groups. reported that these heavy metals exceeded including lead, cadmium, mercury.

May be associated with excessive eating habits…

Chinese immigrants usually eat a lot of vegetables and seafood, which on the one hand help on reducing the incidence of heart disease, but also increase the probability of excessive intake of mercury. Moreover, cadmium and lead can be retained in the body for decades, perhaps this part of excessive heavy metals from the Chinese mainland, but it is not absolute. ‘ In the short-term oral administration of traditional leaded used drugs can also cause excessive blood lead. ‘the report said.”

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