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Comment on Hong Kong and Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 18, 2013

Hong Kong was turned over to China and has been turning ‘Chinese’ ever since. Here is a comment on the whole Hong Kong transfer thing, and one guy’s take about it. Te article was from Reuters and about how China was stifling dissent in HK.



snowshift wrote:

The only reason I supported Hong Kong being allowed back into China was the expectation that their system would cause a balance to the communist Chinese. The land itself is of trivial economic value, what the communist Chinese wanted was the economy — an economy built entirely outside of their regime. It’s unfortunate that some other nearby land wasn’t found for the people of Hong Kong who chose to leave — taking their economy with them.

China is rapidly turning into the world’s bully. With huge offensive armed services, rampant spying on other countries and on companies, and use of what is essentially slave labor, they are probably the greatest danger to world security in the next 50 years. We cannot let these bullies to continue, unopposed.

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