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China’s New Communist Leaders, Just Like the Old Ones

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 20, 2013

China has new thugs running this dump but they are similar to the old ones. They started off by claiming the old guard was inept and thus imprisoned those who did not toe the party line. Another thing that does not change is the fact that the communists try to get as rich as they can as soon as they took over. Proof of this lies in how many new billionaires they have-63, yes 63 new ones created over the past year. As stated earlier, 90% of all Chinese millionaires and billionaires made their money off ‘ real estate’ or stolen land. As a consequence, a square meter in Beijing and Shanghai, rival the same space in civilized countries. As a consequence of this, land sales are booming, because the Communists control how Chinese can invest their money and real estate is one of the few options. Faced with such poor choices, houses are sold and property values can double every three years.

Selling land is also a great part of China’s GDP growth. They steal land, sell and develop it and their Economy goes up accordingly. Land theft and sale, however, shows another part of China’s economy. When the communists get desperate they confiscate and sell more land in order to stabilize the economy- ie increase their looted cash.

Based on this, what do you think of the fact that commercial real estate sales for the first half of 2012 were greater than the same sales in 2011. Sounds like there are problems in paradise.

2 Responses to “China’s New Communist Leaders, Just Like the Old Ones”

  1. In China said

    China had no billionaires before they won the Olympics. Since the buildup for he games they have risen to number two in he world. Land grabs, theft of land has allowed the communists to become filthy rich.

    What they are doing us exactly like what Mao dud during the purges. Mao, however, gave the stolen land to the commune or group, whereas today’s communists gave i to their children and themselves. China is toxic and the communists know there will be a revolution.

  2. Reyno said


    a country as large as china is so destroyed and poisoned that they need to grab civilized countries’ land and food.
    chinese are the most disgusting and inefficient race on this planet. they are the greatest threat to this world.

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