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Chinese Locusts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 24, 2013

Hong Kongers call mainland Chinese locusts. This is due to the fact that the mainlanders swoop down, locust-like and eat all the valuable grain. The problem with this analogy, is that locusts are part of the ecosystem and thus valuable to the food chain, mainlanders, on the other hand, are more like that pop corn kernel that gets stuck n the back of your throat at a movie theater, and whose removal renders you into a hacking, noise making carnival on two legs. Its the type of thing which makes you look like an ass, incompetent and foolhardy all at once. Well, this is the essence of China isn’t it?

A its very best, mainland China offers the world a laugh track to the idiocy that only a country with 1.299,999,999 morons could entail. Watching the Chinese is no less humorous than Tosh.0 at his best and a symphony of ‘pathetic ness’ at its worst. II truly would miss leaving this dungeon of gloom and lunacy, but then again, I would return to being a real human if I did make that move.


5 Responses to “Chinese Locusts”

  1. quoter said

    china only destroys, consumes, takes, but never gives anything back nor does it innovate anything of value. cuz they are not capable of doing so. they are real locusts in the true sense of the word. they have turned Macao a 400+ years old and once beautiful portuguese/european colony into a shithole and gambling profit zone. what was illegal before (shitting, spitting etc.) is now part of Macaos reality. they are now trying to impose chinese in schools and discriminate those who speak portuguese.

  2. quoter said

    when i see those mainland chinese wedding couples marrying in christian churches (just because it look fancy for them) and making pictures and destroying the places by taking “souvenirs” back to their motherland, i could vomit. why is Portugal not helping?

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    Chinese Locusts « Understanding China, One Blog at a Time

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