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Safe At Work

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 24, 2013

Wow, In how many countries does one give thanks that they have safely arrived at work? In China this is true. Why?

Because aside from having the world’s most deadly drivers and homicidal ex-red guards, China is home to carnivorous elevators and omnivorous escalators, when they are working, that is. When they are not, elevators are likely to tap dance from the first to tenth floor and then plummet to the basement, endangering any humans who happen to be present in their catastrophic maws.

On a positive note, China’s murderous tendencies have brought me closer to a Higher Power. After all, in what other country does one find themselves thanking the Lord when their elevator works as advertised? In addition to this blessing, how many others are able to commune with the spirits after crossing the street and arriving with as many limbs intact as they had when starting the ten meter trek?

I suppose I should just thank the heavens that in China, it is the simple things that count.

Pic of a Chinese waterway so polluted that algae is now its major life form, forget fish and other animals, phosphorous seepage has ensured their demise….

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