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Beijing is Graying- 400 More Oldsters Each Day

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2013

China is sitting atop many time bombs. It would appear that everyone and everything has about had it with China’s shenanigans. Mother nature is fighting back and seems to be winning as the desertification of China is rumbling on. China has also ruined a high percentage of its arable land due to malfeasance and stupidity. This has lead to China’s water supply being as pristine as one’s ‘morning dump’.

Another problem they have is that there are just too many Chinese. Aside from having them hate the world, Mao convinced them to breed like rabbits. What Mao did not consider, however, is how all of those people could exist in a land which is constantly being poisoned.

The time bomb regarding Chinese people has many heads, most of which cannot be killed, at least absent the second coming of Mao. One of the worst ‘heads’ is that the people here are getting older by the day. This would not matter if they were worth a shit and actually did anything, but to them, walking backwards and doing idiotic dances from the sixteenth century are a proxy for living well.

All the while these ex hate filled Red Guards, are doing nothing more than consuming resources, a thing China has little of. Advances in medicine has allowed even more of them to survive which means that the cycle will continue- once again, absent a resurgence in Mao or his actions.

The problem in Beijing is pretty stark as each day 400 more Chinese turn 60. Once again this would not be a problem if they had been taught to be productive. But of course, one has to admit that learning how to hate capitalist roaders, torturing teachers and humiliating one’s parents are not valued life skills- outside of Mao’s days of course.

These ruined geriatrics are now a plug in the distended bowels of China and ready to burst. They require, food, clothing and most of all medicine. On a positive note, the ‘medicine’ they take here is little more than scrub brush, sediment and folklore. The net result of this is worse than taking a placebo, after all, placebo’s rarely if ever contain toxins.

What all this means is that if you come to China and large cities such as Beijing, you will be treated to a wealth of less than useless doddering sexagenarians clogging the streets with their phlegm, cackling and decrepit forms.


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