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Even Hornets Do not Like People from China- 18 Die from Hornet Stings

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2013

I do not know if mother nature is as pissed with China as the Japanese are, but she is striking back. So far this year, hornets have killed 18 people in a Chinese province, and things are not getting better.

Maybe I was out of line about mother nature getting angry with China, after all, the culprit could be outright stupidity. I mean, what other race gets mauled by elevators and escalators? They probably got stung after pulling a Winnie the Pooh and sticking their battered orange fingers into the nest looking for honey, or maybe they ran away and tripped with a hand filled with scissors. Whatever the case, its mother nature 1 and China 0.

An unusual spate of hornet attacks in central China has killed at least 18 people.
Zhou Yuanhong, a health official in the city of Angkang, in Shaanxi province, said more than 100 people in the area had been stung by swarms of the insects in recent months and treated at hospital, and that 18 of them died.
The local state-run newspaper Huashangbao reported that 21 had died in hospitals.

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