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Signs That Your Chinese Partner is Scamming You

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 28, 2013

Great post about warning signs from treacherous Chinese suppliers. The reality is that if you work with Chinese, then they are cheating you.


  • Unfamiliarity with your product’s application
  • Limited details or unwillingness to provide information on the project in which the materials will be applied or the end user
  • Discrepancies on business cards that cannot be clarified
  • Incomplete information on the purpose of the ‘fees’ outlined in the contract
  • Inability to specifically explain the regulations or government entities that are allegedly imposing certain fees
  • Offers to sell certain internal government information or sensitive commercial information
  • Rented cell phones
  • Location of office space in residential areas
  • Less than one year of operation history with very young leadership
  • Insistence on paying for a banquet in cash to the Chinese entity prior to concluding contract
  • Cash requested for cost of hosting a banquet is far in excess of typical costs. [While banquets are a traditional business activity, the U.S. entity can arrange for a banquet through their hotel. While costs vary, a nice event for $10 at a local restaurant (non-western hotel) might run $200]
  • Unusually large product volume or urgency to purchase
  • Insistence that the contract is only legitimate if signed in China
  • Requests for an invitation letter to visit the U.S. facility prior to any substantive communication about purchase terms or exchange of company background information
  • Insistence upon attending a banquet prior to concluding a contract later in the evening[referring to getting the foreigner intoxicated in an effort to finalize contract terms more favorable to the Chinese buyer]

For more red flag indicators, click here

11 Responses to “Signs That Your Chinese Partner is Scamming You”

  1. Rex said

    I lived in China. They are the least trustworthy people I ever met.

  2. Reyno said

    -malware filled xyz.com “company” -websites but you get…@hotmail contact addresses or @163.net
    -every contact gives you his private …. @hotmail.com email address
    -noone gives you his real name, instead you are dealing with: Apple Zuo, Big Yang, Lemon Wang, Sunny Jack, Cindy Wong, Angel Wang, Michael, Andy, Sarah, Thomas, Johnny…

    best regards,
    Happy Berry Zhang

    Export Manager Director President

  3. Were is The King? said

    If they are working with or for you, they are cheating you.

  4. quoter said

    z thinks what most uneducated chinese think: the world is zhonguo and waiguo. waiguo speaks english and eats hamburgers. zhongguo is best smelling feces with rice. Z, you are not really alive.not a smart person. not even a human being. but you are chinese right? so, humanity is something alien to you. we know that. you have no future in this world.

  5. Shiraz said

    everyone is a “manager” in china.

    design manager
    reception manager
    clerk manager
    toilet manager
    sales manager
    ktv manager
    vagina manager
    world manager
    cultural manager
    public relations manager
    cooking manager
    marketing manager
    export manager
    import manager
    ayi manager
    peasant manager
    HR manager
    taxi driver manager
    foreign manager
    cheating manager
    data entry manager
    copy manager

    china is full of “managers”.

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