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Chinese are Odd

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 1, 2013

The Chinese are different, a backwards people who claim to have developed independently from the rest of the world, which may be true considering the fact that thousands of years of self imposed isolation means they apparently have failed to have been exposed to things like civility, manners, human rights and general hygiene.

The following excerpt is from a book written 150 years ago, but its veracity still rings true. The Chinese are opposite of real humans, and any attempt to call this untrue is a fools errand…

“For instance, in China the left hand is the place of honour;
men keep their hats on in company;
use fans;
mount their horses on the off side;
begin dinner with fruit and end it with soup;
shake their own instead of their friends’ hands when meeting;
begin at what we call the wrong end of a book and read from right to left down vertical columns; wear white for mourning;
have huge visiting-cards instead of small ones;
prevent criminals from having their hair cut;
regard the south as the standard point of the compass;
begin to build a house by putting on the roof first; besides many other nicer distinctions, the mere enumeration of which would occupy much of the time at my disposal.

Here is a pic of an ignorant Chinese couple taking a pic while a Buddhist tries to pray.

One Response to “Chinese are Odd”

  1. Me said

    They are odd because they are so insecure. They know that they do not fit in with us westerners and try so hard to act ‘open mind’ or western. As a result of this insecurity, they show just how ignorant they are.

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