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Chinese Tourists Cheating in Taiwan

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 1, 2013

The Chinese are now unleashed on the world and we are paying for it. Deceit follows at every turn.


Taiwan’s tourism authorities said on Tuesday that they are cracking down on Chinese nationals who apply to come to Taiwan as independent tourists but actually travel as part of a group to bypass new regulations targeting low-priced group tours.

Some travel agencies in China have been luring independent tourists to their group packages — which usually keep prices low and bring their clients to shop at certain stores in return for commissions to make up for their lost profits — and working with Taiwanese agencies responsible for showing Chinese tourists around once they arrive, according to the Tourism Bureau.

The Chinese agencies are doing this in order to avoid a new law taking effect in China on Tuesday that bans travel agencies from arranging shopping trips for tour groups — a rule that is expected to make group tours to Taiwan more expensive. The law does not extend to Chinese who come to Taiwan independently.



One Response to “Chinese Tourists Cheating in Taiwan”

  1. Me said

    At best Chinese are a nuisance. At worst they are a menace.

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