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China, Insanity and Inhumanity

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 2, 2013

I live in China, which allows me to witness firsthand how it must have been to live in the times of Fred Flintstone. The people here barely qualify for the label ‘civil’ and seem to eschew that term whenever possible.

Although the current author may exaggerate at times, for the sake of a heehaaa, at times he must face the truly brutal nature of this place. A those times, ‘surprise and revulsion’ barely comprehend how he feels.

Take for instance, the facts drawn from the book, Hungry Ghosts, by Jasper Becker-1996….

Not near the halfway point yet, I admit that I have dry heaved a few times at reading how insane the Chinese can be. The book describes the ‘utopia’ Mao created in brutal detail. He writes about the disastrous Great Leap Forward and famine which was part of it. He paints an ugly, yet realistic look at how cruel the Chinese can be, which I will address below.

But first I would like to fend off any panda huggers and their bullshit. These people will point to isolated instances of our country’s crazy behavior and say that the Chinese are no different than the rest of us. An example would be slavery in the US and Hitler in Germany. My reply would be that in those cases, the barbarism occurred in isolated instances. Sure Germany and the US have pockmarked their history with insanity, but it has been the exception, not the norm. As a matter of fact, I’d go so far as to state that for most of the Americas and western Europe this is true.

Now for China. Over the 5000 years that China has been around they have perfected the art of savagery. Each dynasty was marginally more or less deplorable than its predecessor, if that. It would seem that the one constant throughout China’s history has been China on China violence.
While other countries have comitted acts of savagery, they have been followed by a period of reflection and remorse (I am not including other Asian nor african nations in this (over)generalization).

China, on the other hand, does not accept its wicked distant nor recent past, thus this post. In addition, China’s has had only 500 years of ‘peace’ in the past 2500 years. And of course ‘peace’ is a relative term. For instance, it is used to describe the China of today, a place where you get massacred for gathering public. While we have periods of infamy, China has basked in it.

As stated, I am reading Hungry Ghosts and have to admit that I am surprised. I’ve sloughed through a ton of stuff about the inhuman past of China, but this one is off the hook.

For example, page 112 begins the chapter on Hunan and the ‘Xinyang Incident’. Essentially this was a series of atrocities visited on the people fo China by the communists and the people of China, they are all to blame.

Be forewarned, this book is not for the weak of heart. Page 114 starts off with a quote from Chinese communist cadres that the Chinese peasants were worse than the Japanese and had to be treated as such. The next pages describe what that meant.

114- people were accused of hoarding grain although up to 30% were starving to death. This led to mass tortures and executions of those accused of hiding food.
114- cadres could not refuse to take part in the beatings lest they be kicked out of the party
114- those who did not take part in beatings could never become communist party members
114- in one area over 10,000 were detained and ‘many died from starvation and beatings’
114- party secretary Lian Dezhu invited thousands of peasants to an opera and when it ended he publicly beat four people

Page 115 public anti-food hiding campaigns were implemented which lead to ore terror. Those accused of hiding food were severely punished 115- grain was withheld from 200 people so it could be handed over
115- in one area, the grain from 200 peasants was taken away and they starved. This ‘Excess’ was turned over to the party heads. They said it was better for a few to die, then to have village leaders lose face.
115-in order to force the peasants to hand over their ‘grain’ the communists ‘created a nightmare of organized torture and murder’
115- in the crackdown to find grain each area devised their own methids of torture with one scripting 30 some and another tallying 70. They drug people to death by their hair, burnt the hair from their bodies, hung them up and burned them
115- chief of Security, Chen Rubin personally beat 200 people and Han Dufe 300 in one commune

The book goes on with more details, but in all honesty, after reading this stuff I need to take a bath.

The conclusions of my rant are that:
-the communists cannot talk about this time period and events because unlike Russia’s communists and Germany’s Nazi’s, the same people who ran China at that time are still in power. Additionally, instead of being imprisoned, those committing the atrocities were promoted. This means that their sons and daughters are now in power or enjoy prestige in China and or are emigrating soon to a city near you.
-all Chinese sixty years old and older were part of this, which includes china’s top comrades plus most others. These people cannot admit the atrocities of the period for we will then know what kind of ‘human beings’ they are.
-all Chinese sixty years old or older, either participated in the atrocities or refused. Those who refused were probably mutilated, humiliated or worse. Those who partook in the savagery were rewarded and now probably have money.
– those who participated got good jobs which means they can now move to your town with their children
-those old Chinese gray hairs you see visiting the US and Europe were those who probably were most boisterous in defending the communist cause, ie doing the dirty deed of the party
-those who Mao promoted were savage which leads me to reiterate all of the above points and to point out that these same genes have probably been passed on to those Chinese in positions of power and or business, yes those same one’s visiting your country’s and trying to buy homes there. (In all honesty, my Chinese friends have inculcated this belief in me).

In all honesty, most of the truly good people I have met here have families ruined by the party. Their families were intelligent and thus despised by Mao. Mao turned China on its head and good is bad and bad good. Thus, ask your Chinese colleagues about their roots and you can tell what kind of person they are. If they didn’t get to your country on a scholarship, then they are fu er dai , or they could be the children of the people described in the passages above.

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