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China, and WTF

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 3, 2013

Ok, just finished reading Hungry Ghosts by Jasper Becker. See my post below for a sample. The book is good but pretty gruesome, which sums up China’s history. An interesting thing was that Becker claims cannibalism has been a part of China’s culture for over 2200 years. In this respect, he states, that China is different from other countries with situational cannibalism. The implications of this are broad and if I have to spell them out to you then my time would be better spent with something useful like talking to myself.

Aside from learning that Mao pretty much fked the Chinese like the big hairy bodied dude in all that cheeseball 1980’s porn, but the Chinese still love the man- Mao, that is. He and his cronies annihilated up to 40 million Chinese, so at least the guy had goals right?

i also leanred that China’s first emperor said if one was starving, then they should eat their baby girls. This practice of savagery has been carried on theoughout times, almost without stop. This history of gnoshing on the limbs of sons  siblings could be a reason that the Chinese took to it during the great leap.

Of course not all of the people from here did such a thing, think of it like vodoo in Haiti. Not everyone there is into black weddings, but most are pretty sure of their existence.

But hey, whats that? Look out your window, is that your new Chinese neighbor moving in?

2 Responses to “China, and WTF”

  1. intermezzo said

    if your wife or gf is a chinese woman and therefore you are involved with her kin, remember that the probability is very very high that you are sitting together with people who were cannibals… her grandmother, uncles, father, mother…and depending on her age perhaps even her.

    read becker’s book and you will think twice before mixing your dna with hers. read it again and you will leave china for good and return to civilization.

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