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China Redefines Stupidity-Dumb Chinese Tourists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 3, 2013

Hmmm, I guess pangu the god of china failed to dole out things like common sense and proper decorum when he created these people.

Love the black work socks and tennis…

7 Responses to “China Redefines Stupidity-Dumb Chinese Tourists”

  1. Reyno said

    the three stooges – enhanced with chinese characteristics

  2. quoter said

    something went wrong while posting it. wtd, delete the last one please.

    here it comes again:

    i love those animations made by hongkong designers.:

    this is what mainland chinese do when they go out to the world, facing humans and civilization:

    • quoter said

      start watching the second video at 4:11

    • quoter said

      love this one too, hehe:

      Rude Chinese behaviour: Bad manners exhibited by some Chinese mainlanders who travel overseas are giving tourists from the People’s Republic of China a bad name. In a recent incident, Chineses passenger stole six bottles of red wine from an airplane’s food tray and flipped out when their fellow passengers complained after they got drunk.

    • Awesome vids. Is China aware how they are reviled in the world?

      • quoter said

        no they do not. they look like apes with yellow skin and envy (and fear) the white race. they are full of hate and they will get what they deserve. cuz they are a stupid race who only live to eat and die. chinese are like this. there is no other meaning in their existence. you can call them animals. that’s what they are.

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