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‘Enjoying” Vacation in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 6, 2013

Here is what 5 billion people do not get to see and try to avoid on vacation- tons of other tourists. Unfortunately, people is the only thing China has. Consequently, everywhere you go you are surrounded by them . The benefit of this is that keep you jumping with incessant shrieks into their Scramsung phones, hell pitched expectorating and lack of manners whatsoever.

The beauty of Mao, may he get what he deserves, was to keep all these people from us, allowing us to live like humans. Now that the cage doors have been opened, person by person, we are now forced to confront the reality of living with this stuff.

This is what tourism means in China

One Response to “‘Enjoying” Vacation in China”

  1. In China said

    In China you do not ‘vacation’, you ‘suffer’. After all, who really wants to be around Chinese anyway? Even they cannot stand each other. The ‘Chinese dream’ is to get away from other Chinese.

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