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Chinese Tour Guides AKA Kidnappers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 7, 2013

The term ‘Chinese’ now stands for everything from IP theft and kidnapping baby trafficking. Just google the term and some nasty things will appear. One of China’s newest innovations are tour guides cum bandits who spend more time and energy lightening the pockets of their tour guides, then showing them the sites.

Exchanging a gak 47 for a tour bus, these pint sized Give you a tour of their immorality as they extort money from you and or out right rob you. In reality if you get robbed you deserve it, after all, who is dumb enough to trust these guys anyway?


More chilling stories are beginning to emerge of tour agencies that are bullying, shoving, stealing and even drawing weapons against tourists in revolt of China’s new tourism laws. The latest comes from Lijiang, site of one of China’s oldest preserved towns, and site of seedy tour operators.

A undercover reporter from national broadcaster CCTV signed up for a trip to Shangri-La, a mythical Himalayan valley now attributed to a present-day county in southwest China’s Yunnan province. It was not long before he was threatened and promptly booted out of paradise.

The new law, effective as of Oct 1, requires travel agencies to obtain permission from and register with local governments and forbids agencies from using unreasonably low prices to lure customers and make money by taking them to shop or attractions that require additional fees. Offenders face a fine of 300,000 yuan (US$49,000) or more.

When signing up for his day trip to the mountain utopia, the reporter was told by the local tour operator that there were no additional fees. After boarding the bus, the guide began unabashedly collecting extra fees, which he claimed were for a visit to a Tibetan household not included in the tour package.

The rebellious reporter asked if he could opt out of the side trip. “What should I do if you don’t even want to spend 100 yuan (US$16)?” the guide replied. “Get off the bus if you can’t afford the money. Don’t go out if you can’t afford 100 yuan!”

After a bodily scuffle ensued, the guide forced the reporter off the bus. He then seized the contract the reporter had made with the tour operator and, ripping it apart, left him standing in the middle of the road. The bus drove off.

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