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Hazmat Suits, Lung Cancer and Chinese Sports

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 7, 2013

China has pulled a Hiroshima on its land and air. Through the marvels of communist party logic, it’s better to make a buck than live like a human. After all, whats so bad about ingesting heavy metals if it enables have your own toilet- a thing Chinese shared up until 15 years ago.

In their deal with the devil, the Chinese gave up the right to think, believe in religion, have kids, have an opinion and aborted human decency of all kinds. In place of this they were told that the head chicoms would not roll tanks around their villages and give them a taste of bangbamg and bomda boom!

Aside from that they were told they no longer had lifetime employment nor land and in addition had the right to ling and stomach cancer , all thanks to chicom factories despoiling the land.

What that means is that sporting events in China are not so much a sport, but a fight for survival.

Read the following and then my take below

“BEIJING >> Fog and pollution descended on northern China, forcing international golf and tennis players to play in hazardous smog and leading to flight cancellations and road closures as millions of Chinese headed home from an extended national holiday.

On Beijing’s biggest weekend of the year for sports so far, spectators at the China Open tennis tournament and an inaugural ladies golf tournament pulled their shirts up over their faces and used masks and bandanas to try to avoid the noxious air.”

What this means is that

This is how one ‘enjoys’ a sporting event in China and this

Is how one lives

That is not too bad, after all tennis is quick. If you want to play golf, however, you better be prepared to do this

And decompress like this

After all, this is what Beijing air looks like

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