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China, Fanaticism and Kobe Bryant

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 12, 2013

Just read an article about Chinese fans who go crazy over Kobe Bryant, and interestingly enough, its not the women but the men. I will post an excerpt at the end so you can see what all the buzz is about, but my analysis is much more simple.

Wtf is wrong with Chinese?

This video shows some slack jawed ‘man’ yes dude, weeping at seeing Kobe, again I say wtf is wrong with Chinese?


Did they get short changed on the ‘work hard’ and or ‘innovation’ gene, only to get a double scoop of the ‘insane fanatic’ DNA? After all, the people doing this for Kobe

Are the offspring of those who did this

For Mao, ended up believing in this

Which makes me say, ‘is it just me or are the Chinese insane, or merely so bored that the mere presence of a human being can turn them into zealots willing to do anything possible to prove their love for a figure which gives not one shit about them?’

I mean come on, wtf, really? Is Kobe worth all of this?

Well I guess if you are Chinese, then he is.

Another point is that I now see why the chicoms are worried about things like Bo Xilai and religion. From the lack of restraint that the Chinese apparently have, they can be dangerous indeed.

Oh yeah, note to Chinese guys, maybe if you would try to act like ‘real men’, your women would not trip all over themselves to get a foreigner instead of your dumb asses.

“On Friday, Bryant is heading to China with the Lakers for the NBA Global Games exhibition promotion. And by now, this much is clear: The Chinese people cannot control themselves when it comes to their fanaticism for Bryant.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,” said Judy Seto, Bryant’s trusted physical therapist who will be making her fourth tour of China with him.

Even though Lakers fans were disappointed to hear on Wednesday that Bryant is still expecting “three strong weeks of pushing the stamina” before he’s really ready to play, he is nearing the finish of this long, arduous recovery from Achilles tendon surgery in April.

He just has to make it back to L.A. from China on Oct. 19 in one piece.

The passion for Kobe in China, as Seto explains, usually goes from amazing to overzealous to…we’ve got to get the hell out of here!

Seto’s best example of the Chinese fandom is when 15,000 fans were waiting for Bryant at one venue at 9 in the morning.

“He wasn’t going to appear until 4 in the afternoon,” she said.

The Western world got a singular taste of this over the summer. One Chinese man did a TV interview just after catching a glimpse of Bryant and could not control himself, sobbing and knocking his glasses askew as he wiped away tears.

“People are chasing the van…and then people start kissing the windows,” Seto said. “Sometimes it’s scary, especially because when I go, there’s a reason I’m there: For this last go-around (in August) with the Achilles tendon repair, I had to make sure there were no times when he was in a spot where it’s not safe.”

Seto, who has been with Bryant for two of his eight consecutive Nike tours of China and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, has learned from experience by now.

“One of the scariest times was a few years back after he had the knee surgery, and we were in China and he was at an outdoor basketball court having a clinic,” Seto said. “For whatever reason, he decides to throw his shoes into the crowd. Now he’s barefoot. And he can’t run.

“He decides to move to the next venue, which is an outdoor, elevated tennis court—and people are starting to follow him, like the Pied Piper. And now he starts to jog a little bit. So then they jog. And then he starts to run—barefoot still.

“He goes up to this caged tennis court, and now he’s trapped, and he has no shoes. I’m telling him, ‘Could you not throw your shoes in the crowd ever again?!’ ”

We’ll see the madness firsthand when Bleacher Report follows Bryant and the Lakers to Beijing. The Lakers will visit the Great Wall of China on their first full day overseas.”

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7 Responses to “China, Fanaticism and Kobe Bryant”

  1. Me said

    Wen you have nothing in life but a shitty kid who is built like a she ballerina, anything is going to look like your guiding light,

  2. Jack said

    The Chinese are known for fanaticism and cowardice. This is why they have supported one party rule forever.

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