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China’s Horror Harvests, Chinese Veggie Exports Covered in Human Feces?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 12, 2013

The word ‘China’ and ‘hygiene’ do not belong in the same county, let alone sentence. Perhaps that is why you do not find them so paired, unless it is to say that China lacks hygiene.

The problem is that Chinese are bringing their poor hygiene to us vis-a-vis food exports. As the following discussion shows, Chinese food is contaminated with human waste and filth.

On a positive note, lets run out to Wal Mart and buy some made in China, kit!


“I have posted this before but it’s worth posting again and again so people are ‘China’ aware when it comes to food..and if this is happening in Australia you can bet China and other filthy asian countries are dumping their garbage on all western countries

Farming practices in China,India,Thailand

Earlier this year, Today Tonight revealed shocking farming practices in certain countries, such as Thailand, India and China. Dangerous chemicals such as DDT and Deildren, banned in Australia decades ago, were being used on vegetable crops.
Tests on dried foods imported into Australia showed 16 out of 50 (one in three) had carcinogenic residues.

In China, untreated animal waste and human excrement from nearby toilet blocks were being used as fertiliser on hectares of vegetables, including cauliflower, celery, cabbages, snow peas, corn. These vegetables were grown for export to many countries, including Australia.

Mr Sibraa said. “The hygiene is not very good for a start, nobody’s really checking it. They pretend they are but they are not.”
“And the use of human faeces to cultivate crops is just beyond anyone’s comprehension.” He warned that some bugs on these foods were antibiotic-resistant.

Tests on imports

The latest tests commissioned by AusVeg on a range of vegetables from China showed disturbing levels of contamination from the potentially deadly E coli.
“E coli makes you sick,” Mr Laird said. “E coli means human or animal faeces, so if you have food coming into this country with E coli on it, it means that food has come into contact with human or animal faeces.”
Test results were as follows:

  • Baby corn from China: tests found an alarming 240 E coli microbials per gram, a total of 8.5 million through the corn. The acceptable level is zero.

* Snow peas: 110 per gram, the acceptable level is zero.
* Sugar peas: 400 E coli, The level should be zero.

* Garlic and frozen cauliflower: lower, but more than 3 E.coli per gram. Again, the acceptable level is zero.
“It’s very surprising because there should be absolutely none of those organisms,” Mr Sibraa said.
Aussie-grown vegies invariably showed no E coli contamination, Mr Sibraa said. But eating these contaminated imports uncooked posed a real danger.
“Because you could end up with haemolytic-ureamic syndrome, which causes your kidneys to collapse and you could die, or at least be on dialysis,” he said.

The whole area of China seems to be a disaster looking for somewhere to happen

Imported food contamination – Today Tonight

I’m a Brit in China right now and I can confirm, the toilets in almost every place are disgusting. The squatting toilets no-one flushes, so you walk into a cubicle with a pile of **** left sitting in it, pretty unpleasant in the hot summer months.

TrueBlueOz, this is something I found out whilst over here. One day I had a couple of beers and needed to use a high-street public toilet. It was a hot day (Mid-30C) and the stench in their was incredible. So bad, in fact, that after taking a leak the smell actually made me vomit into the urinal I was using. Truly disgusting!

Whilst I was leaving, I stopped outside to have a smoke and regain my composure when I see a Chinese man and woman outside the toilets lifting the manhole cover to the septic tank of the toilets. They then proceeded to use a saucepan attached to a long stick of bamboo to collect the slurry in the tank and put it into containers for the back of their tricycle.

When I told a friend here about it, he told me that the poor people use the human excrement they collect as a fertilizer. To them it’s no big deal, to us it’s disgusting, and rightly so!”

More here


2 Responses to “China’s Horror Harvests, Chinese Veggie Exports Covered in Human Feces?”

  1. Anonymous said

    This is true. The food you eat in China and the one imported FROM china is/was grown on the fields with human excrements, dead and rotten animal corpses, dead human corpses (yes!), chemicals and they even use poison gas on their crops to kill insects. They use everything imaginable.

    I do not know what others do (thais, indians etc.) so, i can’t say anything about them.

    I did volunteer work in the chinese countryside (shaanxi and hunan) and the farmers did the things above + were encouraged by the local party leaders to do so.

    In a village in shaanxi, near yan’an, profit-driven farmers collected buckets with excrements and dead pets (dogs, cats, rabbits) from fellow villagers to use it as fertilizer on their fields. They payed 1 mao for every bucket. urine included). For them it was totally OK to do such things…

    The goal is to increase food production at ALL costs (note: china does not produce enough food for its people and has now to import food; a result of sickening agricultural practices as I have seen by my own eyes; it totally poisons the land). It is said that the CCP OFFICIALLY lined out this measures.

    I came to help and do good. I wanted to help the farmers and work with them, doing hard physical work for 3 months without pay. for free, but when I saw this practices, I revolted. The party official then tried to belittle me and said that chinese agricultural techniques are the most advanced on Earth and that china first invented agriculture and culture and I am a foreigner and I can’t understand china….. excuse me?

    Lots of questions remarks ???? appeared in my mind. What I saw and what I heard do not fit with each other….
    I cannot describe my disgust and confusion at that moment.

    I had to leave. I am very disappointed of what’s happening in china and how they treated me and treat humans, nature and humanity. They don’t care about anyone, earth or life itself. And no laws are enforced to stop them doing what they do. On the contrary, they are being encouraged by the ccp to do it. Please do not eat food from china.

    • Thanks for verifying this.

      The most repulsive thing I saw was Chinese ‘sanitation workers’ using the toilet bowl to ‘rinse’ their mops and then ‘clean’ the floors with those same mops.

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