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Spanish Court Tries China’s Ex-Secretary General Hu Jintao of Genocide

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 12, 2013

China has leaders which are called party Chiefs, and ‘secretary this and that’. They even have a guy they call ‘President’, but of course the former titles are more important as those titles have the power of the gun in China, they represent the communist party. I thus disdain the term of ‘president’ for anyone Chinese, as it legitimizes the position of a communist party leader who merely exerts dictatorial power.

China’s current leader, for instance, is Xi Jinping, who is the secretary general of the communist party and thus China’s most powerful man, theoretically at least. He also holds the title of president, but once again that term is misleading.

With all that in mind,think of the power of the following excerpt. In Madrid Spain, the courts are reviewing whether China’s last secretary general, Hu Jintao, committed genocide against Tibetans. Sadly enough, Hu was known as ‘The Butcher’ for his actions against Tibetans, which may lead us to positively conclude how he treated those people.

Congrats to Spain for having the balls to do what the rest of the world is afraid of- calling the communist regime and its leaders what they are, brutal thugs.

“MADRID — Spain’s national court has approved the indictment of Hu Jintao, the former Chinese president, as part of an investigation into whether the Chinese government tortured and repressed the people of Tibet as part of an attempted genocide.

The court’s decision, made Thursday, follows an appeal by Tibetan exile groups against a June decision by one of the Spanish court’s judges to drop the case.

Instead, a criminal review panel of the national court decided to overturn the judge’s decision and proceed with the indictment, given China’s refusal to carry out its own judicial investigation into the allegations of human rights violations and because one of the plaintiffs, Thubten Wangchen, holds Spanish citizenship.

The Spanish lawsuit was filed in 2006 by a group of exiled Tibetans and also targets other former leaders of China’s ruling Communist party, including Jiang Zemin, Mr. Hu’s predecessor as president. The others had already been indicted. It was filed in Madrid because the plaintiffs also hoped to take advantage of the fact that Spain’s judiciary has long been at the forefront of efforts to apply universal jurisdiction to crimes involving human rights abuses.

Retired Chinese leaders do not travel abroad, and none of the indicted leaders, including Mr. Hu, who stepped down as president in March, is likely to ever face the prospect of defending himself before a Spanish court.”

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2 Responses to “Spanish Court Tries China’s Ex-Secretary General Hu Jintao of Genocide”

  1. Jack said

    This would merely be the tip of the iceberg if the world gave a crap. The chicoms should all be hngng from gallows.

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