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Firsthand Account of Filthy Chinese Farming Habits

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2013

I blogged about filthy Chinese hygiene in general and how it specifically impacts farming. The following is a firsthand account of how gruesome Chinese fertilizer and methods of agriculture can be.

The author is commenting about my post of Chinese using human feces and other things as fertilizer, even today. They do this, even though better/safer practices are available…


” This is true. The food you eat in China and the one imported FROM china is/was grown on the fields with human excrements, dead and rotten animal corpses, dead human corpses (yes!), chemicals and they even use poison gas on their crops to kill insects. They use everything imaginable.

I do not know what others do (thais, indians etc.) so, i can’t say anything about them.

I did volunteer work in the chinese countryside (shaanxi and hunan) and the farmers did the things above + were encouraged by the local party leaders to do so.

In a village in shaanxi, near yan’an, profit-driven farmers collected buckets with excrements and dead pets (dogs, cats, rabbits) from fellow villagers to use it as fertilizer on their fields. They payed 1 mao for every bucket. urine included). For them it was totally OK to do such things…

The goal is to increase food production at ALL costs (note: china does not produce enough food for its people and has now to import food; a result of sickening agricultural practices as I have seen by my own eyes; it totally poisons the land). It is said that the CCP OFFICIALLY lined out this measures.

I came to help and do good. I wanted to help the farmers and work with them, doing hard physical work for 3 months without pay. for free, but when I saw this practices, I revolted. The party official then tried to belittle me and said that chinese agricultural techniques are the most advanced on Earth and that china first invented agriculture and culture and I am a foreigner and I can’t understand china….. excuse me?

Lots of questions remarks ???? appeared in my mind. What I saw and what I heard do not fit with each other….
I cannot describe my disgust and confusion at that moment.

I had to leave. I am very disappointed of what’s happening in china and how they treated me and treat humans, nature and humanity. They don’t care about anyone, earth or life itself. And no laws are enforced to stop them doing what they do. On the contrary, they are being encouraged by the ccp to do it. Please do not eat food from china.”

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