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Article: China bridge collapse caught on camera

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2013

The bad news, China sux at making bridges. The good news, they just built one in California.

China bridge collapse caught on camera

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2 Responses to “Article: China bridge collapse caught on camera”

  1. intermezzo said

    a massive amount of people crossing..no.. flooding a bamboo bridge or what is that thing? and noone of those people even consider the possibility that the bridge might not carry the load of a million chinese crossing it at the same time. where do this people have their brain?

    “Officials said the foot bridge was opened on 26 September, and has a daily capacity of 10,000 visitors. ”

    my ass. 1mil budget. 900.000 goes to a corrupt thug- 100.000 is used to build the bridge (with horseshit, bamboo and paper, 1rmb/hour-slaves).

    interesting how everyone uses his neighbour (uncle, kids, mother, father…) as a lifebelt..panic!

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