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Eating Children Not Illegal in Cina

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2013

A bit ago I finished the book, Hungry Ghosts by Becker. It was both insightful and harrowing. The book spoke about the horrors of Mao’s disastrous Great Leap and behavior of the human excrement which became China at that time. He pointed out that cannibalism, especially of young has been a part of Chinese culture for over 2,000 years. He also showed that during the 50’s and 60’s it was not illegal to eat a child, per se. If and when a family took their own and made him or her into a casserole, they actually had committed no crime. It was not illegal to eat one’s child.

What the consumers of children did get blamed for was consuming or wasting ‘work property’. No kidding, a child was nothing more than government property which was expected to work.

The really scary thing is that if you did the math, this means that all Chinese who are 53 and over, grew up with the belief that a human life was not even that. It was nothing more than an edible tool which cried, pooped and peed a lot.

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