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Killer Kin, China’s Children of Murderers Storm the USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2013

Chna has a thing called ‘princelings’. These are the people who are descendants of old school commies- the ones who got their cred from killing fellow Chinese. In Dikotter’s book, he addresses this issue. He said Mao had a quota of how many Chinese had to be killed to Beijing the rest in line. According to his book, which I will soon read, guys like Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping surpassed their killing quota.

What this means is that old school commies were rewarded for making ‘enemies’ out of their Chinese brethren and killing them. It also means that these people had offspring, who bacteria-like have spread. Unfortunately for the soul of the world, those vile cretins have invaded civilized countries. At least under Mao they had to stay in China.


While recent scandals have put China’s princelings under a harsh media spotlight, they have been hot commodities for Western companies seeking to capitalize on their guangxi — connections — in order to secure multibillion dollar transactions. The list of financial institutions that have engaged in such hiring practices reads like a who’s who of investment banking.

It is premature to conclude that JPMorgan violated the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by employing children of Chinese officials who oversaw companies that retained the bank to underwrite their stock offerings. Nonetheless, the case highlights a broader trend: The wooing of China’s princelings by prestigious Western educational institutions and businesses for the purpose of advancing their parochial interests in the burgeoning Chinese market.

The unseemly race to recruit princelings starts at the world’s leading colleges and universities. Because China has no universities that rival the Ivy League or Oxford and Cambridge, senior Chinese officials prefer to send their children to these schools.

Given the opacity surrounding admission to these highly selective institutions, it is impossible to tell whether princelings get in on merit or because of their family background. It is notable that princelings are not found in the most prestigious doctoral programs, where professors, not administrators, make admission decisions. Likewise, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology, have a dearth of princelings.

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