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China’s King Communists Secretly ‘Screening’ Western Films- Jacking off in Zhongnanhai

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 15, 2013

China’s communists would like to preserve the moral decency of the masses, just ask them and they will agree. Interestingly enough, that ‘protection’ breaks down when it comes to whack shacks and ‘cooze joint’s’ were a twenty spot gets you a shot of leg, ie sex. According to the locals such establishments of yanking fists and flying kleenex are actually run by the police and or the men and women in charge of this dump, but I digress.

The point of this post is to extol the virtuous men and women of the communist party of China. After all, they put life, limb and moral decency on the line to ensure that no ‘bad western’ films make it to China.

Their plan is to limit imported films to 30 per year, even though this is in direct conflict with the rules of the WTO and agreement that China signed in order to be allowed to trade with civilized countries. Of course the party elite fears that if they allow foreign films into China, then the Chinese cannot watch millions of Japanese get massacred on CCTV. Setting aside the fact that Chinese films killed over one billion people on TV, the communists think the people need to be protected, from what I am unsure.

The article below sheds some light on the dilemma as it explains that zhongnanhai, ie the Chinese white house, ie the place where the most evil dictators go to foul up the company, decide how many babies to kill/sell, how much good stuff to keep out and how to split up riches foreign firms love to ‘offer’ them.

This same place is also where the communist elite ‘screen’ films; to ensure their wholesome nature, no doubt.

I personally commend comrade Xi, Li and the rest of those with way too many fked up names possessing an inanimate amount of unpronounceable letter combos and diphthongs. I am looking at you Weixin and others. But back to the flicks…

Ok, so those intrepid communists have barricaded themselves ‘Pee Wee’ like with cases of popcorn, ginseng, napkins, spew socks and or little boys and girls willing to clean up after the party.

Word has it that those communists have braved sitting through,
-Gas Pump Girls, Glad to Guzzle- versions 1-7
-Azz soon as you stick me, Big Big Boy- staring sixteen Chinese midgets
-Ain’t cumming home to ya baby, daddy’s got a little boy on the side
-Play it again Sam, but this time do it in the buff

I could go on an on, but suppose that at this juncture your eyes are filled with tears of compassion at just how far those crazy commies will go to ensure that nobody in China is set off the path of righteousness and leaps into decay…

from wantchinatimes.com

The west hall of Zhongnanhai, the central headquarters for the Communist Party and China’s State Council, is often used for private film screenings for officials. Films are also often screened for high-ranking officials at the annual leadership conference at Beidaihe, a resort in the city of Qinhuangdao in north China’s Hebei province.
Chinese president and party general secretary Xi Jinping has revealed that he has seen Hollywood films such as The Godfather, as well as the 1978 classic Deerhunter and more recently Mission: Impossible with Tom Cruise. Steven Spielberg’s World War II epic, Saving Private Ryan, is said to be one of Xi’s favorite war movies of all time.

One Response to “China’s King Communists Secretly ‘Screening’ Western Films- Jacking off in Zhongnanhai”

  1. Jack said

    Its an open secret that the KTV’s and other whore houses in China are run by the communist party officials or their lieges.

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