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China’s Air Assassins, ‘Idea Theft’, and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 17, 2013

Today I shed my ‘mister nice guy’ image and just briiiingg it.

Ok, intermezzo sent some youtube love which touches on so much stuff I have been meaning to rant about.

‘Mezzo’s’ message and link follow, but first I gotta rant. The thing is that Mez explains how some Chinese airlines was called out for being ‘good and innovative’ when in reality, it’s as much an ‘airline’ as that ‘fleet of planes’ run by some grizzly skinned panhandlers with crop dusting prop scooters in the god forsaken outback.

China, which is long on deceit, is woefully short on quality, customer care and/or anything smacking of reliability. So why did the airlines receive such praise?

Hand jobs and hookers. Why else would anyone even entertain the thought of coming here, let alone praise this place?

Purchasing agents and the people who rate Chinese companies reap the rewards of praise lavished on them the minute they arrive. From there they are sequestered and avoid the real China while watching the best practices of Chinese KTV tarts whose skill set involves a vice like grip, 100 foot pounds of mouth suction and legs unwaveringly akimbo. Blinded by such sights, the typical foreigner never sees the real China.

Which brings up another point, wtf do we feel the need to praise China and look for the good they have done? If they were worth a shit, we would not have to go out of our way to praise them, right? But praise we do.

China is like that big dumb retard back home. You know the one, the guy whose head was a touch too big for his body. Yeah, that’s the one. The guy whose artwork smacked of wtf, yet upon seeing it we were like ‘hey Mikey, that looks great!’, all the while we were thinking wtf is that he drew? But Mikey needed the praise, so we gave it to him.

Chinese, on the other hand, do not. The reason is that they suck and do little if nothing to halt their suckdom. Check my note after ‘mezzo’ and you will see.

By not calling China what it is, we propagate this myth that they are anything but a despotic regime headed by thieves, miscreants and intellectual liliputs.

With Mikey we were being nice as he was born slow. Because he was created that way, he deserved a break. Unless we are willing to conclude the same about China, then we need to be honest. Why do we bend over backwards trying to make them seem human?

It’s time to get off the fence and say ‘Yeah the Chinese are worthless and so we need to treat them like big Mikey, after all, the only thing they could ever harm is themselves’,

or say

‘Screw China, they steal our ideas, close their markets and in all honesty they suck. Aside from clever forms of homicide, they have invented precious little. If death by 1000 cuts and a big wall are all they can come up with after 5000 years, then lets see them for the duds that they truly are.’

End rant 1


Note from Intermezzo,

Background is that this Chinese airlines is being called ‘good and innovative’ by civilized countries and yet their ‘service’ at least judging by their attention to detail in mastering a civilized tongue sheds light on just how little they know and can do. The opening is a dialogue in mandar-mash cum English, which proves that investing 12 years of one’s life to studying can be as fruitless an endeavor as looking for law and justice in China.

“Start Watching at 2:14 for the comedy,

“Well Ladies en Jantelmen we had to porn de anshe-anshe-m airport the letter tom Air Flight 135 AL. To grant how much income that they will transfer-esidence en 2 transfer height. Ples mutton with the puckus boar for will Veg Now, Plane Car where our top is to our pledge the malt. Ples ensure that your blind paperin advance. Should you have smelly clients enShmer Rear. 12 passengers please proceed to the transporters inlevel flight tankew 4 worth it. Enwer looking for water assistance. Tankew. ”

Excerpt from china eastern airlines’ website. bloated self-praising. typical china :-D:

“Following the concept of “providing heart-to-heart service to our customers”, China Eastern strives to become an excellent aviation service integrator which wins “Staff Devotion, Customer Loyalty, Shareholder Satisfaction and Public Trust”.
Since 2009, China Eastern has achieved remarkable development with a brand-new image. China Eastern has been successively recognized as “the most innovative company in China 2011” by FORTUNE, been rewarded the “Five-Star Flight Safety Award” by CAAC and has become the first state-owned civil aviation enterprise that has been recognized as the “Famous trademark in China” by China Administration for Industry and Commerce.:”

why not starting with basic english classes for the flight attendants firstly, before taking over the world? haha!”

End mezzo

Start rant 2

Now more from me, this excerpt comes from an article talking about how China will sell cars in the USA.
“Lower tariffs would make it much easier for multinational corporations to import cars into China, while the removal of the joint venture requirement would allow multinationals to streamline the management of their Chinese operations. Their Chinese joint venture partners have insisted on assigning managers and engineers to these projects so as to gain insights into Western technology and management.” link http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/18/business/international/china-hints-at-effort-to-export-cars-to-west.html

The part I bolded gives rise to the second part of my rant. What the heck is up with China? How long will they suckle at the pap of civilized countries and do something by themselves? Really China? You’ve got over 20% of the people on the planet and not enough talent to go it on your own?

You still are reliant on foreigners to tell you how fouled up your stuff is and fix it? I don’t know, but perhaps if you’d spend less time trying to figure out how to work the ‘up and down’ buttons on the elevator or how best to screw your company, you could invest your time into worthwhile things like creating value or better yet, how to successfully implement a ‘Zero child’ policy, which would make us all better off.

And how about this pandering trash?
Rana Mitter, who I respect, comes with some garbage about how the world owes China something for ‘fighting’ the Japanese in WW2
“In the early 20th century China’s growing desire for national sovereignty rubbed up against Japan’s rising imperialism on the Asian mainland. War broke out in earnest in July 1937, and during the eight years that it lasted, both the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek and, to a lesser extent, the Communist fighters answering to Mao Zedong engaged in extraordinary feats of resistance.”
link http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/18/opinion/the-worlds-wartime-debt-to-china.html?_r=0

First off, there was nothing noble about what the Chinese did. After all, they were invaded and basically said, ‘hey Japan, take our women and our land’ and submitted. Sure the KMT tried to pull out some whip ass, and do some damage, but in their way were Chinese warlords more concerned with their piece of the pie than fighting off invaders. In true Chinese fashion, they basically shot themselves in the foot.

And then there is the commies, led by Mao whose lice infested body languished in the hills of some place which is now desert and agony. Rather than confront those Nipponese rascals, Mao et al whiled away their time scripting poetry, bopping toddlers and preying on Chinese addicts via opium sales. The absence of Mao and crew in the Japanese is an embarrassment even to this day. Anything less than full acceptance of these facts is folly. Mitter is merely pandering to China and once again failing to call them out on the realities of their ways.

So where does this leave us?

What we have learned is that selling sex works as far as businessmen are concerned and people are stupid enough to believe what they hear even when it comes from sources as unreliable as anything from China. In addition, we found that the Chinese are mentally ill-adapted for this or any time and will be a net ‘taker’ far into the future. Last we saw how even when faced with facts indicating otherwise, we see how people try to make China look glorious, talented and not cowardly.

What all of this calls for is a chocolate muffin from Starbucks or a dove candy bar smothered in creamy Jiff peanut butter.

oh yeah, the pic is of bloodshed at a school where a Chinese killed a teacher who took his cell phone away.

13 Responses to “China’s Air Assassins, ‘Idea Theft’, and a Bunch of Other Stuff”

  1. intermezzo said

    china is rising and rising and rising. soon we will be enjoying superior chinese culture, superior habits, the cleaniest food on the planet, real ethics, a healthy environment, human right and progress, law and order, real civilization and a harmonious society!

    “UK opens doors to Chinese banks with special terms for lenders:”

    George Osborne will on Tuesday roll out the red carpet for Chinese banks looking to expand in London, offering to break down regulatory barriers in a bid to reinforce the City’s position as a global renminbi hub.

    In a major diplomatic initiative, the chancellor is expected to offer the prospect of special terms to China’s state-owned banks as part of his “personal mission” to make London a significant Chinese offshore banking centre.

    The chancellor signalled his intent on Monday in Beijing, when he said: “A great nation like China should have a global currency.” China, he said, should seek to develop the renminbi “through the international centre of finance: London”.


    THAT’s the way to go. Great job USA, send it ALL to china. after all, china is a trustworthy partner and a civilized super great nation (100,000 years old culture). your investment is safe. Your own people will thank you later…send ALL of your jobs to them.

    “GM got bailout, now ships jobs to China”

    “Saving General Motors from bankruptcy was among President Obama’s most frequently cited achievements when he ran for re-election last year. Democrats everywhere touted the company’s revival as proof of the 2009 bailout’s wisdom. That was then. Now, Obama has quietly released the auto manufacturer from a bailout requirement that it increase its production in the U.S. Instead, GM is spending billions of dollars building up its production capacity in … China.

    This is happening despite the fact that the Treasury Department has to date recovered just $36 billion of its original $51 billion loan to GM. By most analysts’ predictions, American taxpayers will be out approximately $10 billion when the remaining stock is sold off. Which is a long way of saying that it now appears that taxpayers paid $10 billion to make it easier for GM to accelerate its foreign outsourcing and send more manufacturing jobs to China.”


    The ccp now sponsors white underaged girls to introduce great chinese food to us. Eat chinese food – it’s good for you!

    Alison Gold – Chinese Food (sponsored by the ccp)….

    thank you great nation of china, for bringing culture, style, taste, humanity and innovation to the world.

    Coming Soon To A Street Near You:


  2. intermezzo said

    Coming soon to a table/supermarket near you:

    “Xi JinCriminalPing’s attempt to crack down on opulent spending by government officials is well known. There were many reports about how the entire high end restaurant and banquet sectors of the economy went into freefall after a directive about cutting down on parties.

    Meanwhile, two stories in WantChinaTimes.com, a Taiwan-based outlet that reports on Chinese activities shed light on the public pecadillos of Chinese officials.

    This one is about breast milk orgies:

    A reporter working for China’s official Xinhua news agency has blown the whistle on sex parties held by wealthy businessmen to bribe high-ranking government officials, revealing details of activities such as drinking human breast milk.

    Zhou Fang posted an article on his microblog on July 17 claiming knowledge of parties where officials would pay a 5,000 yuan (US$815) admission fee to engage in sex acts with young women and drink breast milk from young nursing mothers.”


    • Chinese women have breasts?

      • quoter said

        99% have no tits. you can indeed land a plane on their chest. it’s THAT flat. i speak out of experience. wonder bra’s are super common among chinese women. it’s a gene thing. they hate western women and feel inferior. no problem with that. but their inferiority complex turns to hate and evilness. not ok. a laowai is just a narcissistic supply for them. short lived.

        don’t get shocked as a man when you see 2 flat little nothings on her chest when you were expecting something else. thanks wonder bra.

    • In China said

      Communist party officials like Xi Jinping do have tits!

  3. intermezzo said

    Coming soon to a city near you: fine, fine, fine chinese culture (500,000 years old):


    Chinese like to mark their territory..just like d***.

    • Going to re blog it. A kid shits on a plane? Wtf

      • quoter said

        those few metres to the toilet seems to be something weird to do for those chinese “parents”. so, they let their peddlers do it in the gangway so that anyone can smell how great china is. there are cases in europe where they do the same. once caught, arrested and fined they get extremely aggressive, angry and insulting (“you hurt the feelings of the chinese people”). they just do not understand that what they do is wrong and THEY actually hurt the feelings of others.

        “Chinese like to mark their territory..just like d***.”

        the problem with those eaters is that they try to mark territories which do not belong to them. they can stay behind their wall in their disgusting country and shit everywhere they please – in their own piece of land. i don’t care. but going out and behaving like we have to accept their primitive behaviour is a no go. they don’t get it.

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