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‘Stupidity’, China is Thy Name- China Vids

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 17, 2013

Here are some vids showing how far away from real humans the Chinese are…

Vids thanks to noodlesoup

Not only do they hate the whole world and humans, but also themselves:

Chinese woman argues with Chinese tour guide in ENGLISH because she doesn’t want to be Chinese:

Chinese barely respect human life why would anyone think they would respect wildlife:
Injured Dolphin ‘dies after Chinese tourist abuse’ :

A stranded dolphin was discovered in Sanya City, Hainan province, died after people, rather than calling for help, used the dolphin as a photo opportunity:

Muahaha! No comment:

Hong Kongers refuse to be Chinese:

last but not least: my favourite chinese tour guide (again):

7 Responses to “‘Stupidity’, China is Thy Name- China Vids”

  1. quoter said

    蝗蟲天下Locust World (Subtitled with English)

    whereever chinese appear they will destroy and use ALL resources available and leave a trail of filth, feces and garbage. after that, they will move on. just like locusts do. that’s what china was and is and will always be. there is only one language they understand: a bullet into their head. a war between hk and the prc scum is imminent.

  2. quoter said

    why you chinese rats don’t go out on your own streets in your toilet country china and protest for your rights to create a better system in your fucking china? you might get shot eh? no, you go to foreign places (like HK and Macao, world) where generations of humans with balls have created humanity and laws. and you think you have the right to take advantage of that??

    once there you claim your rights and at the same time you piss on your hosts? you complain that not all resources are being given to you? this is not your right. you can do it in your own shit land. lets see how long it takes until you get smashed by a tank. poor ridiculous cowards locusts.

    china is a big piece of shit land with 1300 millions yellow rabbits and you can’t even manage to produce non-contaminated baby milk by yourself. instead, locusts as you are, you look to other places to take all they have created and where OTHERS achieved what you are not able to do in your shit country since thousand of years.

    Plus: you act like YOU enjoy preferential rights? preferential rights in a place which is not of your own? sick. a bullet in the head is what you will get. sooner or later.

    chinese locusts. death is waiting for you. china and chinese – the cancer of the world.

    • quoter said

      Dear my lovely Hong Kong,
      Our land is being invaded by those mainland Chinese.
      They came from the north, like the winter storm,
      destroying every culture, abusing our social, medical, education resources.

      They came shopping, leave us big stack of money and poop in the shopping mall.
      They came and abuse us because they think their wealth are beyond us.
      They strip our forest, mountain and wetlands, because they think wealth could control nature.
      ….and now they want to stay here, by putting their babies here.

      We have to say no to those mainland chinese babies, for us, for our children,
      for the future and sustainability of our homeland!

    • The China dream, is to not be Chinese any more.

      • Quoter said

        HongKong is NOT china. HK refuses to be a part of china scum shit communists. they are a dirty pest and cancer! HONGKONG MUST BE AND WILL BE AN INDEPENDENT NATION! if they push HK, HK will go to WAR with the locusts from the north! close the borders and kick those locusts OUT! Hongkongers are not chinese!

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