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If a Chinese Baby Shits on an Airplane, Who Cleans it Up?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 21, 2013

‘Inter’ had a good catch here…

Some future resource hog and current waste of precious resources, ie Chinese kid, is shitting on the aisle of an airplane. Not only are his parents/idiots who should not be allowed to breed, not scolding him, but they do nothing. Surely they are so accustomed to sloughing through crap infested streets that to them this is not actually unsanitary…

“A few years ago, I was on a long transcontinental flight stuck next to a kid who would not stop crying during what seemed like the entirety of the 12-hour trip and a parent who was clearly apathetic didn’t give a shit. But now I feel like I got off lucky compared to what this particular kid is doing on his flight


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