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China Invents and Exports Contaminated Restaurants

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2013

Here is a quote from Intermezzo about China’s latest toxic export- restaurants. The article speaks of a Chinese restaurant which was shut down numerous times for not obeying sanitation protocol. I suppose the Chinese owner was too occupied with spitting, howling in the phone and clipping his nails to obey the law.

“thank you great nation of china, for bringing culture, style, taste, humanity and innovation to the world.

Coming Soon To A Street Near You:


This is the shithole infested restaurant. It says ‘Eat as Much As You Like’, but should say ‘Eat Now, your digestive tract will pay for it later’

Pic of rat shit at the kitchen

No grease nor bacteria here!

Great sanitary habits Mr. Chinaman!

Can I get a second helping of botulism please?

China is not rising, we are merely sinking to their level of suckdom.

4 Responses to “China Invents and Exports Contaminated Restaurants”

  1. quoter said

  2. quoter said

    the chinese are an inferior and primitive race. and the world knows it.

    check out how they respect life and creatures who provide food to us:

    Chinese eating alive fish SCARY CAUTION

    chinese are not satisfied when you die a fast death. they want you to die 1000 deaths. foreigners, their own kin, a fish, a crab, a dog, a cat..it doesn’t matter. life and humanity must be destroyed. chinese are like that. that’s their goal. they like to destroy and kill life and humanity. they want anyone to die. die. die. death is what china stands for. this is china.

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