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Selling Semen Milk in China? WTF??

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2013

In an attempt at proving that studying a language does not guarantee proficiency of any kind, the Chinese continue to try and speak English.

Chinese stumble through 12 years of school in which they are taught to rape, disrespect and totally foul up English. The communist party claims to hate the west, but mandates English to the one dud policy proles.

The result of a dysfunctional educational system, damaged DNA and lack of ability, the Chinese ‘speak’ English, as well as a trilling giraffe.

The poster shown encapsulates the stupidity of these people so very well.

Now who is up for a fresh glass of ‘semen’ colds milk….

2 Responses to “Selling Semen Milk in China? WTF??”

  1. Mig21 said

    in china they also rape the spanish, german and french language, the chinese are so ignorant that they think they are the big teachers of the world with their primitive views. they even will try to teach you about YOUR own country :-D. yeah, a chinese knows how europe works and russia and USA. hahaha! China is a big stinking stupid cockroach and so ridiculous that u must do a big LOL.

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