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Bo Xilai Gets Life in Jail and the Chinese Internet is Crawling

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 23, 2013

Sme guy named Bo Xilai was like Mao, but liked his women of age and married a hottie. His charm and charisma made him dangerous to the communists who seek leaders with the least going for them. They do this to prevent another Mao-like event from occurring. After all, why just let one guy get all the cooze?

Bo’s case was appealed and upheld and now he is dining in some comfy prison while bangin his biddies in gen pop. The Chinese will call it a victory for the rule-of law, but they are wrong.

Bo was convicted of taking bribes, which is part of the job descriptions of communist leaders. Aside from this, they said he only took a few million, when in his wife’s it was disclosed that they had over $700 million, and his family had billions. Aside from this factoid, the court conveniently decided not to punish Bo for homicide, which they earlier ‘proved’ he had committed. But maybe he should have been convicted of murder, his sentence would have been lighter.

Bo’s wife was convicted of murder and only got a suspended sentence meaning she could be out in less than twelve years

In summary, if you kill someone in China and are the wife of a party member, you get smacked on the wrist. If you piss off the next secretary general and his buddies, however, you get life.

China, thousands of years of history and not one iota of civility nor sanity to be found.

Oh yeah, the 2million Chinese net censors have pulled the plug and the internet is crawling.

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