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China’s Corruption Crackdown, Failed Before Starting

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2013

China is supposedly cracking down on corruption, which is like putting a convict in charge of your csr plan. Comrade Xi wants us to think he is cleaning house, and perhaps he is right. He is cleaning house of all Bo Xilai’s buddies. After all, if he truly wanted to rid the party of corruption, then he could investigate the 40 billionaires Beijing has. If pushed to guess, I’d bet that somewhere in that mix he’d find somebody with dirt on his hands. But then again, the majority of them are party members and include Grandtheft Wen. So I guess nothing will change.

From the comments
Coming soon to a table/supermarket near you:

“Xi JinCriminalPing’s attempt to crack down on opulent spending by government officials is well known. There were many reports about how the entire high end restaurant and banquet sectors of the economy went into freefall after a directive about cutting down on parties.

Meanwhile, two stories in WantChinaTimes.com, a Taiwan-based outlet that reports on Chinese activities shed light on the public pecadillos of Chinese officials.

This one is about breast milk orgies:

A reporter working for China’s official Xinhua news agency has blown the whistle on sex parties held by wealthy businessmen to bribe high-ranking government officials, revealing details of activities such as drinking human breast milk.

Zhou Fang posted an article on his microblog on July 17 claiming knowledge of parties where officials would pay a 5,000 yuan (US$815) admission fee to engage in sex acts with young women and drink breast milk from young nursing mothers.”


Pic of broad ‘sunlight’ in China.

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