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Mainland Chinese Locusts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 27, 2013

Locust, China is thy name….

From Quoter…
Dear my lovely Hong Kong,
Our land is being invaded by those mainland Chinese.
They came from the north, like the winter storm,
destroying every culture, abusing our social, medical, education resources.

They came shopping, leave us big stack of money and poop in the shopping mall.
They came and abuse us because they think their wealth are beyond us.
They strip our forest, mountain and wetlands, because they think wealth could control nature.
….and now they want to stay here, by putting their babies here.

We have to say no to those mainland chinese babies, for us, for our children,
for the future and sustainability of our homeland!

2 Responses to “Mainland Chinese Locusts”

  1. Long time in China said

    China will collapse and then all the monsters will come running to our countries for protection. The Chinese are the yellow peril. Try to keep them away. Do not employ them, so not allow them in your neighborhood.

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