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Sign a Petition To Keep Chinese Chicken Out of USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 27, 2013

The Chinese will be able to off-load their horrible quality poultry into American shelves. Sign this petition to ensure it won’t happen.

Even if you are not from America you can pretend you are and sign it anyway. You just need an email and zip code. Some zip codes to use are:
11101 new york city

From Roger Simmaker

‘An increasing number of Americans prefer not to depend on places like Saudi Arabia for their oil, and probably even more of them don’t want to eat food that was processed in and imported from China.

But unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently decided that China’s quality and safety standards for processing chicken are suddenly so acceptable that they’ve given the green light to four Chinese processing plants to import raised and slaughtered U.S. poultry, process it, and then export it back to America for you to consume. What’s worse, you won’t even know that your chicken came from China after going halfway around the world twice since no country-or origin labeling is required!

Fortunately, there is something we can do to put a stop to this fatally-flawed thinking – but only if we act now – and that is to sign the “No Chinese Chicken” petition on theWhiteHouse.gov website. If we can collect 100,000 signatures over a 30-day period, the administration will personally review and consider the petition.

If we are not successful in collecting the 100,000 signatures in 30 days, this is what will happen. China will be free to process and export chicken to the United States:

1. With no on-site monitoring in China to ensure acceptable quality and safety standards.

2. Without a mandate to label Chinese-processed chicken as a “Product of China.”

3. With no guarantee that China will not include its own homegrown chicken with any shipment.

4. With no commitment to lift its decade-long ban on importing U.S. beef.

5. With no guarantee this USDA concession will be used as a stepping stone for China to gain approval to export Chinese-raised and -slaughtered chicken to America in the future.

The USDA has not said exactly when the U.S. will actually start importing chicken from China. But if we can collect the required number of petition signatures in one month’s time, that day may never come. That is the goal. Let’s ban Chinese-processed chicken from the American market just like they have banned our American beef from theirs!’

One Response to “Sign a Petition To Keep Chinese Chicken Out of USA”

  1. Long time in China said

    The Chinese have 5000 years of self hatred, why shouldn’t we hate them too?

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