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Beijing Bang Bang-Jeep Kills five at Tianenman

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2013

Yesterday a jeep ran over a bunch of people at Tiananman. Below is a pic from the net. No one knows shy this car ran into the people and then exploded, but that is what witnesses say happened. Supposedly five were killed but the communists are not forthcoming with the specifics. In addition, all foreign reporters had their video evidence of the event confiscated.

2 Responses to “Beijing Bang Bang-Jeep Kills five at Tianenman”

  1. Long time in China said

    It was a terror attack. Everyone in Beijing knows this but the commies don’t want to scare of foreigners. How would it look if they admitted that the sacred Tiananman area with all those communist members was just car bombed?

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