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Chinese Museum Closed Because All Art Inside is Fake

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2013

How ‘china’ is this? China is redefining the word museum. Their latest attempt was not filled with ancient artifacts, but rather shameless knockoffs. Yeah the place was as fake as the rest of China.


Even more embarrassing was the government’s decision last July to close a private museum in Hebei because of suspicions that nearly everything in it—all 40,000 artifacts, including a Tang dynasty porcelain vase—were fake.

Another Chinese export is pictured below, I like to call it public pisser from the PRC. Yeah, the kid is pissing into a cup in a restaurant.

7 Responses to “Chinese Museum Closed Because All Art Inside is Fake”

  1. quoter said

    china has no culture. period. china has nothing. not even an identity. how desperate they are. china wil end very very very badly. just wait.

  2. Oregano said

    china and chinese destroy. the world, their own heritage, culture. chna just destroys and creates nothing.

  3. Oregano said

    …except leaving a pile of stinking shit and destruction behind them of course. this is what chinese do. quoter, are you hongkongnese?

  4. Oregano said

    if you have nothing you create something out of of nothing. china thinks that the world will swallow the chinese lies forever. nope, china.

    china is the lowest shit and biggest joke ever in earth’s history.

    • China was closed for thousands of years so we were clueless about this place. The last decade has shown us that it should still be barred off from the rest of the world. China is not ready for prime time. It is the essence of primitive.

  5. Long time in China said

    China is a value destroyer. They steal our ideas, dumb them down and then sell them cheap. Those idiots have twice as much solar panel productive capacity as the world needs! How dumb are these monsters?

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